More reasons to love Tina Fey, hate Sarah Palin


100% of Americans think one of these women is hilarious, the other batshit crazy. Sadly, 28% pick the wrong one.

100% of Americans think one of these women is hilarious, the other batshit crazy. Sadly, 28% pick the wrong one.

Kaili Joy Gray, who you never would have heard of if it wasn’t for me, has funny things to say about Sarah Palin, who has unintentionally hilarious things to say about Tina Fey.

In a Hollywood Reporter story on the history of Saturday Night Live, Sarah Palin shares her “thoughts” on the crappy tee vee show, and they are just as good as you want them to be.

If I ran into Tina Fey again today, I would say: “You need to at least pay for my kids’ braces or something from all the money that you made off of pretending that you’re me! My goodness, you capitalized on that! Can’t you contribute a little bit? Jeez!”

Which kids’ braces would those be, Sarah? Oh, all of ‘em, Katie? Although Sarah does have a point. Before she tripped and fell onto the national stage, Tina Whoever was a total nobody, who had definitely NOT become a performer and then head writer on SNL while Sarah was still mayoring the meth capital of Alaska.

Head over to Wonkette for more of the Palin bashing, I know you want to, it’s fine. I’m just going to add one more thing about our beloved patron saint of all TV comedy writers Tina Fey: Remember that time when Palin showed up on SNL and first ran into Alec Baldwin back stage? That was totally Tina’s idea because she wanted to protect Palin from getting the ol’ Bronx cheer.

Fey: I was the one pitching, “Why don’t you start her backstage, you know, with Alec, so the crowd won’t boo.” She had just been booed at a hockey game in Philadelphia, and I thought we had to be cautious. And of course the audience was just happy to see her because she was a star, a media star. Even the New York audience was not feeling their politics at that moment.

That’s my Tina, a class act all the way.

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  • Nixon, etc.

    That Hollywood Reporter article is actually pretty interesting. But do yourself a favor and don’t read the comments. Those Palin Loons (I’m trying to be a little polite) are everywhere.

  • DeSwiss

    Well I like Sarah Palin because who else can you think of that has done more for the enrichment of comedians — who by the way — are ALL LIBERALS? (Because conservatives cannot reproduce comedians, not even in a test tube). :-