You Really Can’t Go Wrong With These Bo Diddley Survival Rules

Let’s just get this out of the way up top, OK? Bo Diddley was a BAWSE.

He had the cool ass square guitar:


He rocked the plaid jacket like no other motherfucker:

You Really Can't Go Wrong With These Bo Diddley Survival Rules

He had a lady guitarist before there really ever was such a thing:

He opened for The Clash on their 1979 US tour:


And most important of all, he gave us some helpful rules to live by:


You guys these rules make a ton of sense! We will lubricate our throat with Grand Marnier now and forever more and be careful about when we pull a gun. We will treat ladies right and we will…what? We’ll do what the fuck with cows?

“Cows If they wanna play, and you don’t wanna make pets out of ‘em, and you can’t eat ‘em – then get rid of ‘em!”

If the cows want to play…guitar? Frolic in the fields? Was keeping superfluous cows around a big problem back in the 1950s and 1960s? So if you did want to make pets out of them, then they could hang about, right? Seriously what the fuck is the cows part doing in there???

Eh. Nevermind. We’re going to go toss back some smooth liquor and hit on ladies the right way.

(h/t to Open Culture for the Bo Diddley survival rules)

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