Reading Rainbow “Behind the Scenes of Star Trek: TNG” (part 2 of 3)

So here we are, back on the set of TNG, as LeVar walks out of the turbolift onto the bridge. We hear the doors rolling on their tracks, which we never actually heard on the show, because it got overdubbed with the much cooler whisssk effect. LeVar slowly explains that for every person you see on your TV screen, there are several more working behind the scenes.

“It’s the same here on Star Trek: The Next Generation,” he says, to clips of the show. “Every week, you see the Captain… Geordi… and the rest of the Enterprise crew!” Nice one, LeVar. He’s almost pulling a Chekhov there, I think. “Hey kids! Every week you can see me on Star Trek: The Blind Black Dude and Everyone Else!”

But it’s not quite that bad, because he does go on to introduce “the rest” by name, which are (in order): Worf, Troi, Data, and Riker. Yup, that sounds like the whole cast to me. “Together,” he says, “they keep the ship running at warp speed!” Oh, yes. Especially Troi. (And before anybody complains that I’m being excessively mean to Troi, I’d just like to remind you all that she doesn’t really exist. It’s kind of hard to hurt the feelings of a fictional character, you know?)

Reading Rainbow "Behind the Scenes of Star Trek: TNG" (part 2 of 3)

Alright, LeVar, you’re scaring the children now.

In a ridiculously precious voice, LeVar adds, “But there’s another group of people… Behind the scenes! … That you neehhhhver get a chance to see. Until nnnnnnow.” The way he’s talking, I expect this group of people to be roughly three inches tall. And if they ever get out of line, he crushes them with his Daytime Emmy.

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Multi-Part Article: Reading Rainbow "Behind the Scenes of Star Trek: TNG"

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