Razzie "Winners" 2009, and a Thanks

Razzie ''Winners'' 2009

At this very moment, the official “winners” of this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards, AKA “Razzies” are being announced in Hollywood. If you’ve been following this site at all for the last couple of months, you know that the entire Agony Booth staff has come together to shed a little light on a few of the nominees and near-nominees, in a series of recaps called Razzie Contenders: 2009 Edition.

Before I list the official “winners”, I’d like to thank everybody who put their time into this project. The end result is certainly more worthwhile than last year, when I personally watched every single Razzie nominee myself, and attempted to write articles about all 25 of them. After many sleepless nights, I only wrote one article. That was when I realized that no sane person should ever attempt to dissect that many awful movies alone, so a big thanks to everybody for helping put a lot more life into the proceedings this time around.

But guess what? It’s not over yet! A few articles weren’t finished in time for the awards, and are currently being worked on as I write this. So you’ll be seeing a few more installments of Razzie Contenders: 2009 Edition over the coming weeks.

And now, the Razzie “winners”, just announced on the Razzies website!

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