Razzie Weekend 2007, Part 2: BloodRayne, The Wicker Man, Basic Instinct 2

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Razzie Nominee #3: BloodRayne

This is easily one of the most forgettable films I’ve seen in a long time. I couldn’t even get through it in one sitting, I was so bored. I kept pausing it to go off and do other things. As a result, this film took me about six hours to watch. Or maybe it just felt that way.

Based on a video game no one’s ever heard of, BloodRayne tells the tale of a half-human, half-vampire named Rayne (former Terminatrix Kristanna Loken) living in vaguely medieval times. Rayne is being held prisoner in a traveling freak show, where it seems her big trick is that water burns her skin, and drinking animal’s blood instantly cures her. Yeah, bring out the kids for that one! (Don’t think too hard about this though, because her nasty reaction to water disappears about ten minutes in, thanks to some mystical mumbo jumbo.)

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