Razzie Weekend 2007, Part 1: Lady in the Water, Little Man

SUMMARY: An intrepid movie recapper rents all five films nominated for Worst Picture at the last Razzie™ Awards. And watches them. In a single weekend. Will he survive?

I’ve been promising to do this for years, but for some reason I just never get around to it. Well, I’m sure one reason is the idea of sitting through five awful films in the space of one weekend is enough to make me go, hmm, don’t I have some toilet scrubbing to do? But as one of the preeminent Bad Movie-ologists on the web (and by the web, I mean my own mind), I felt it was necessary to at least poke my head up from my steady diet of awful cinema of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. It was time to discover the State of the Bad Movie in 2006.

To conduct this inquest, I decided to view all five films that were nominated for the Worst Picture Razzie Award for 2006. By no means am I trying to say that the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation is the end-all and be-all authority on Bad Movies. Certainly, I’ve disagreed with their selections in the past. They’ve nominated films that, to me, were simply mediocre. And also, you can always count on them to pick on movies purely because they feature high-profile stars.

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