Razzie Predictions 2007 (The Final Chapter)

So first, the good news: I’m still alive. The last time I posted Razzie predictions, I pledged my intentions to watch all 25 Razzie-nominated films prior to the awards ceremony later this morning. Those of you who worried after not hearing anything from me since then can rest easy. I survived. Just barely.

But now the bad news: I didn’t quite reach my goal. I trained hard, and I watched hard, and I got pretty close, but in the end I only saw 19 out of the 25 nominated movies.

I’d like to pretend it’s because I ran out of time. I’d like to pretend that it’s my obsessive-compulsive disorder that prevents me from watching sequels before seeing the original (meaning, for instance, that Orlando Bloom’s Worst Supporting Actor nomination is forcing me to finally watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies). I’d like to pretend it’s because a fair number of these movies aren’t out on DVD yet (I try to avoid intentionally seeing awful movies in the theater—this site may depend on bad movies, but I’ll be damned if I contribute to making any of them box office hits).

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