VIDEO: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

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Count Jackula celebrates Christmas with a disturbing horror holiday movie from Finland! In Rare Exports, a young boy spies on a mining operation that unearths the real Santa Claus, who was locked in an ancient prison because he was murdering little kids for fun. Also in this episode: Jackula teaches special guest Mr. Mendo about the true nature of Santa Claus!

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  • MichaelANovelli

    I really like that hat.  🙂

  • Sofie Liv

    in additionel information, the entire concept of “Christmas.” as a christian concept only happened because as christianity traveled from south, up through the norse, they had this thing about wanting to convert every-one!
    As they reached northen Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden they also ran into norse mythology, as all these places were strong believers in norse mythology.

    Now, the Christians would try to convert the countries by making their own religion look as good as possible, they gave people gifts in form of gold and jewels in exchange of people being christined.. and some people would pull the trick of just being christined several different times by several different priests to collect the gold.

    The most beloved holliday in the Norse, happened then to be “Yule time.” which was our soltice party kept on the shortest day of the year, december 21th, where people coocked the goose to eat as much as possible, drank a lot, turned on lots of lights and yep, gave each other presents, this holliday was so beloved by the vikings that when Christianity budged in, many refused to convert because they would not want to miss that one holliday, it was to important to them. And thus the christians came up with this brilliant idea of saying. “BUT WE HAVE THAT TO! see! and ours is more correct and has things to do with christ see? and you get to do all that stuff you always do! here have some more presents for us here on “Christ”mas.”

    And this christmas was a holliday born in Germany and Scandinavia, later to be adapted to England by Queen Victoria, but wasn’t as big a deal for english people as new-years eve, until around Charles Dickens time where he wrote a certain book that actually changed things, and as people started to sail from England and europe to settle in America, they took christmas with them… I just like to show off my countries history <_<

    Thanks for giving an Odin Call out! and cool video! 

    • Jay_Bay

      And now I learn something new in the new year.  Awesome.

      • Sofie Liv

         So yeah, all that about Christmas being a christian holliday by its roots.. that’s bull-shit, it’s a ripp off from Norse yule-time, meaning winther solstice 😀

        And you even know that as in my country, we actually call Christmas “Jul.” which is almost the same word and a left-over from back then.

        Glædelig Jul! 😉

        • Jack Shen

          Yeah, the thing which really defines Christmas is Winter and Winter in the Middle East is not the same as it is in Northern Europe and North America. There was a great interview I once heard from a Middle Eastern immigrant who said the most terrifying thing she experienced in America was an East Coast Winter. 

          She said the sight of trees was particularly scary, with no leaves, they are all dead looking, like skeletal hands reaching out of the ground. Also the level of snowfall was also alarming, as if the land had been frozen. She also said that only places that experienced that type of Winter could create Christmas. 

        • Jack Shen

          All hail the Allfather

  • Bad ass episode, dude. And not just because my fat ass shows up. =P 

  • Great review! Things like this are why I come to the Agony Booth–either the movies are so horrible that I can laugh about them, or the movies look interesting enough for me to look them up. 🙂 I do have one question. Is the movie in Norweigian with English subtitles, or is there a dub in English, or is the movie bilingual? I saw that in the clips, the boy speaks in Norweigian and the men usually speak in English, but I figured I should ask before trying to find it somewhere. 😉

  • MichaelANovelli

    Hey, the Santa Claus House! I’ve been there!