Rachel Maddow Simply Does Not Care For Fox News’s Coverage Of Bundy Ranch

Fox News is pretty sure that World Net Daily must know some real inside stuff about the armed-standoff goings-on at Bundy Ranch, like for instance the government causing the lunar eclipse.

Also, the jackbooted thugs who come to seize yr stuff when you don’t pay your grazing fees for 197,000 years, those jackbooted thugs may have been vanquished for now, when they decided, “fuck it, probably better not shoot all the women these ‘freedom fighters’ are going to hide behind,” but that does not mean they are not going to get all Janet Reno and seize Elian Gonzales from the rancher’s home in the middle of the night.

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Sorry you didn’t get your massacree, Fox News : (

Here, have this one instead.

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  • WagnerSR

    You can get anything you wantAt Alles’ Network

  • WagnerSR

    Excepting Roger

  • Bill Slider

    The feds should just announce a federal bar-b-que, enterance fee of $100.00 per vehicle. All the beef you can eat. Sorry, no doggy bags. Proceeds will be applied to the ass-clowns overdue graizing fees. Law abiding citizens of the human race should bring their own side-boob dishes.

  • harold Poole

    What do you expect from foreign born citizen from communist China Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox. They will defeat the USA from inside