Quizzy Quiz: Are You New York or Los Angeles?

Here at Happy Nice Time People, we’re all about helping you figure out who you really are. Thus, we’re pleased to introduce our new feature, Quizzy Quiz. Be sure to share this quiz with your friends on your Facebooks and your Twitters. Now let’s find out which American city you are!

1. You prefer:
A. The pulsating power of a chattering crowd
B. A nice balance between heavily populated areas and the solitude of nature

2. Your favorite color:
A. The shimmering grey of tall steel edifices that seem to touch God’s own sky
B. The beachy yellow of glowing sunshine that warms you with its tender embrace

3. Your favorite snack:
A. Hot dog (or “dirty water dog”)
B. Taco (or “taco”)

4. Your favorite type of disaster:
A. Man-made terrorist tragedy
B. Sometimes the earth just has a fucking panic attack and things fall down, this happens all the time

5. Your favorite radio station won’t stop playing:
A. Billy Joel
B. Sublime

6. You are:
A. At least slightly gay
B. At least a little bit gay

7. You vote:
A. Liberal
B. Liberal

8. You have at least one friend who is trying to be:
A. A Serious Actor in the theatre (but commercials for now, the money’s great)
B. A Serious Actor in the movies (but commercials for now, the money’s great)

9. You once thought this American Apparel ensemble seemed like a really good outfit:

Quizzy Quiz: Are You New York or Los Angeles?

Ad_LA Alternative 031204.ai

10. Your favorite movie about your city being destroyed is:
A. Oh definitely “Ghostbusters II” unless you prefer “Armageddon” or “King Kong” or obviously “Independence Day”…
B. Maybe “Volcano” or “2012” or “Terminator 2” or “Resident Evil: Afterlife” or obviously “Independence Day”…

Tally up the number of A’s and the number of B’s. If you can’t tell which letter represents which city, you are Chicago and you are drunk (as usual).

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  • Snarknado

    I live in Brooklyn where we have nature-ish and tacos as well as all that New York stuff and my best friend is doing the theater/commercials thing, but backwards and in the Midwest and so I’m really not sure what to do with that info in this context.

    • Easy answer: go get tacos, sit under a tree and enjoy nature-ish.

      • Jason M

        Yeah, easy answer for SOME!

  • goonemeritus

    Real New Yorkers don’t prefer a “chattering crowd”, It’s not that we hate people it’s just that we are more comfortable when they are notaround.

    • mtn_philosoph

      But then they have full-blown panic attacks when there is really no one around.

  • Pat_Pending

    Gee. I think I’m Newark.

  • Jason M

    “Tacos” get tossed around with such impunity when you can have them at your whim. I live in a country without tacos. I think of tacos day and night. When I sleep, I dream of tacos, hard and soft. I would pay $10, American, for a good taco. Tacos.

    • We pay $5, American, for a good taco, even in Texas, America. If you add shipping and handling, $10 would be a steal.

      • Jason M

        Jeez, really? I’d feel stupid paying more than $10. That’s my final offer, I’m afraid.

    • mediabob

      What are you all talkin’ about, “tacos” = vaginas!

  • I knew the answer right away. Then I started taking the quizzy quiz and realized, “oh yeah, Sara wrote it”. It was there and then I knew I had the correct answer. Besides, when did David Lee Roth ever sing about wishing they all could be New York girls?

  • SullivanSt

    I am New Angeles. Or is it Los York?

  • Manhattan123

    They do get to turn right on red in L.A so they have that.

  • Isn’t it enough that I actually live in Los Angeles? Why do I have to be one of these silly cities?

  • el_donaldo

    You know, Jersey seems to be everything LA, except the radio station is unfortunately playing Billy Joel and the serious friend is an Artist.

  • mtn_philosoph

    I am so Warren, MI it isn’t even funny.