Quest for Camelot (1998) (part 7 of 7)

Afterwards, the dragons follow Kayley a few paces, but get distracted in an argument over whether she and Garrett should be a couple. Devon explains what kind of man she needs, which culminates in him getting so worked up that he kisses Cornwall, much to their mutual disgust.

Caption contributed by Albert

Making out with your Siamese twin? Not even ol’ Jerry Lee was wild enough to try that one.

Kayley rounds a bend, and then announces to no one in particular that she’s going back for Garrett. Alas, just then she’s ambushed by Ruber’s gang, and wrapped in chains. She’s stripped of Excalibur by Ruber himself, and his eye twitches as he holds it at last.

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Rori Stevens

Miss Stevens came to the Agony Booth in the process of looking for reviews of Trail of the Pink Panther and has since established herself as (among other things) a notoriously devoted Peter Sellers fan, a Michael Jackson deconstructionist, and an all-round critiquer. She has delusions of success as a writer but has a day job just in case. "Sapphire" credits whatever success she has as a Boother to her love of the whimsical, eccentric side of cinema - while others might blanche at the madness of the films she's helped recap, she dives in every time.

Multi-Part Article: Quest for Camelot (1998)

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  • Anonymous

    Once again, I’ve read another harsh for this film. Why do people get upset a certain actor’s talent is wasted? Does it matter? Why should we care? Nobody, that I knew, complained about Quest for Camelot back in 1998. I never thought “watching” a movie would be “painful” to someone else other than me.
    Oh how miss the time when I didn’t have to listen to so-called funny people like Doug Walker, Spoony or this site.

    • Abdul Jacobs

      Haha just had to reply to this.

      You “have to listen” to movie reviewers? I guess if I was forced to “listen” or in this case -read- 6 pages of an article that I hated, I’d be depressed too.

      What a strange world you must live in.

      Its just a crappy animated kids movie. Not a dick. Don’t take it so hard.

      • Anonymous

        Quite ironic that you said I was being a dick, when reviewers are being jerks, funny or not. I was upset when someone made a negative review towards a movie that I liked as a kid, and liked a lot films and shows. My question is simple: “How was I supposed to know it was that

        Well, I always had to check the reviews ,around mid-2000s, for a movie, a game, etc before watching or playing it. I had to make sure it got, In terms of 10-point scale, a score of 7-9 means good to great to. A 10 means perfect 5-6 in my book means mediocre and 1-4 means bad. In rottentomatoes case, at least 60%-100%. So when I looked back certain movies like this or Flubber, I used the above mentioned question.

        • Abdul Jacobs

          Er….please show me where I said you were being a dick? lol