Quest for Camelot (1998) (part 6 of 7)

Morning. The heroes approach a thorny vine thicket. Ayden has scouted ahead, and alerts Garrett that there’s something important in the thicket. Heading on in, they find Excalibur’s scabbard belt.

Kayley wonders where the sword is, so Garrett points out the giant tracks leading further into the vines. In fact, they’re standing in a huge footprint right now. (Hey, didn’t GINO pull this bit the same summer?)

They begin to follow the tracks, but Kayley bellyaches some more about how they might have found the sword if Garrett hadn’t stopped to make camp. Garrett tries to shush her, because Ayden is warning him about something. Unfortunately, she keeps yapping away, and Garrett is suddenly grazed by an arrow.

It turns out Ruber and his men have caught up with them. Kayley pulls the wounded Garrett along, and as they’re chased through the thicket, they suddenly have to deal with living, angry trees. (These must be the same ones that fought off the griffin, back when he originally stole Excalibur.)

Kayley eventually whips a vine around one of the trees, and topples it to the ground with a tug, trapping the villains and allowing the heroes to escape. And this all happens pretty quickly, suggesting it was probably edited down from a longer bit, but who knows?

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Rori Stevens

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Multi-Part Article: Quest for Camelot (1998)

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