Quest for Camelot (1998) (part 4 of 7)

In a half-hearted imitation of Snow White‘s terrifying forest adventure—even the score is similar—Kayley stumbles through the brush and trees fearfully, crying out as branches snag on her hair. The goons barge through in pursuit, while Bladebeak is just trying to keep up. Mace-Guy smashes boulders that Kayley has just slipped through.

Realizing how close they’re getting, she runs down a mossy slope—briefly revealing fungus with eyestalks that watch her, just like the ones in Labyrinth. She runs, trips over a root, and tumbles over a cliff into a shallow pond below. And it turns out she’s completely unharmed by this fall, which is pretty impressive.

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Rori Stevens

Miss Stevens came to the Agony Booth in the process of looking for reviews of Trail of the Pink Panther and has since established herself as (among other things) a notoriously devoted Peter Sellers fan, a Michael Jackson deconstructionist, and an all-round critiquer. She has delusions of success as a writer but has a day job just in case. "Sapphire" credits whatever success she has as a Boother to her love of the whimsical, eccentric side of cinema - while others might blanche at the madness of the films she's helped recap, she dives in every time.

Multi-Part Article: Quest for Camelot (1998)

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