Quest for Camelot (1998) (part 1 of 7)

The Cast of Characters:
speaking voice of Jessalyn Gilsig/singing voice of Andrea Corr as KayleyKayley (speaking voice of Jessalyn Gilsig/singing voice of Andrea Corr). Our heroine. Her father Sir Lionel (Gabriel Byrne) was a Round Table knight killed when she was small. She’d love to be a knight herself, but being female, it seems she’ll be stuck taking care of the farm with Mom. Yeah, Luke Skywalker thought the same thing, too.
Cary Elwes/Bryan White as GarrettGarrett (Cary Elwes/Bryan White). Another knight-wannabe, his dreams were crushed when he was blinded in an accident. Though skilled, he’s become a grouchy hermit living in the Forbidden Forest, along with his only companion, a seeing-eye hawk [!].
Gary Oldman as Lord RuberLord Ruber (Gary Oldman). The murderer of Sir Lionel, and a greedy and disgraced knight. Has a potion that merges people with weapons, and creates a small army of transformed goons. And it’s sad when your menacing villain keeps getting compared, physically, to a larger version of Riff-Raff. Mentally, he’s far dumber.
Jane Seymour/Celine Dion as Lady JulianaLady Juliana (Jane Seymour/Celine Dion). Kayley’s mom. Little more than a semi-MacGufffin, yet does the one thing anyone remembers about this movie.
Eric Idle and Don Rickles as Devon and CornwallDevon and Cornwall (Eric Idle and Don Rickles). A two-headed dragon whose heads can’t get along, but who do their part to help the heroes, including dropping lots of anachronistic jokes. This movie’s biggest wastes of talent.
Jaleel White as BladebeakBladebeak (Jaleel White). An obvious afterthought/ merchandising ploy, but at least he doesn’t hog screen time like the dragons.
Pierce Brosnan/Steve Perry and Sir John Gielgud as King Arthur and MerlinKing Arthur and Merlin (Pierce Brosnan/Steve Perry and Sir John Gielgud). Despite the title of the movie, these characters are walk-on parts at best. Because there are some adaptations of legends even their central characters are too embarrassed to appear in.
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Multi-Part Article: Quest for Camelot (1998)

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