VIDEO: Quantum of Solace (2008)

Dr. O’Boogie’s back with Quantum of Solace, the 22nd film in the James Bond series! Daniel Craig and the Bond filmmakers silenced the critics with Casino Royale, then got them all shooting off their mouths again with this entry, thanks to an unfinished screenplay, a boring villain, and some of the most confusing editing ever seen in the franchise. Luckily, we’re here to make sense of it all for you.

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  • John Wilson

    I think the basic story of Quantum of Solace works by itself. Sure there might be some references that people might not get but it still pretty stand alone. I think this movie will be looked at more fondly in time.  Hopefully they try to do another direct sequel bond film. There is still good ideas here:)

  • Muthsarah

    Thanks for the summary.  I passed on this one due to the overwhelmingly negative reviews I heard (and with something as good as Casino Royale, my expectations would have been too high anyway), but I am planning on seeing Skyfall this Saturday.  Good to know I’m not missing anything.

    The way you go over the story, I could easily see this being a 2+ hour movie, but if it’s only 106 or so (sez Wiki), I’m guessing every scene felt rushed and every character was underdeveloped.

    Question: is Mr. Green or whatever the WORST Bond villain?  The most boring?  Or not even that, just mediocre and disappointing?  Is there anything about this movie that’s superlative?  I do so enjoy debates about the worst of anything.  Does this have a place in such a discussion?

    • The movie didn’t really feel that rushed, just very light on dialogue and exposition. It desperately needed flashbacks or some kind of refresher about what happened in the previous movie. 

      And I hesitate to call him the “worst” Bond villain, but Greene is pretty close to the bottom of the list. Hell, even Largo from NSNA attempted to be threatening. Greene was just a big wuss who let everybody else do his dirty work, and immediately blabbed everything about Quantum the second he was caught.

      • Dennis_Fischer

        I agree with you about the bad editing on this film.  There are several sequences which feel as if they should be impressive, but are cut so rapidly that none of the stunts really have a chance to sink in and make an impact.  It’s just too impatient.  This is one Bond film that could really benefit from an extended recut, unlike say MOONRAKER, which just remains hopeless.

        An interesting aspect to me was that the storyline is based on something that actually happened in Boliva, where a foreign corporation cornered the water market and began charging the native peasantry outrageous prices for water to get a quick return on their investment.  Clearly, the intent was to steer Bond away from the male fantasy tropes of the past and move it nearer the real world, but without any scenes demonstrating how this corporate greed was affecting the populace, it once again lacks impact.

  • Jill Bearup

    *sees the construction site sequence* Wait! I HAVE seen this film!

    That’s pretty much how memorable it was. :) Great review. 

    • Thomas Stockel

      Agreed regarding the review.  It is a largely forgettable film, due in large part to the villains being so lackluster.

  • Toby Clark

    I’m guessing they’ll bring back Quantum in Craig’s fourth movie, just like they did with Spectre in Thunderball.

  • You’re right! When I saw this movie on TV, I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly felt odd about it, and apparently it was, it was a very short movie and terribly dissapointing, not bad, just dissapointing.

  • edharris1178

    Good overview, I think you and I are on the same page in regards to this one.

  • Jonathan Campbell

    So I was casually looking to see if we had any reviews of QoS (it turns out we do) and hey, the voice of O’Boogie!

    Yep. Never heard it before.

    Now I have.

    Thought it would be deeper.

    Learn something new every day.

    • danbreunig

      I know, right? Someday Winston and Cecil should make a crossover.
      You guys do that anymore?

    • Muthsarah

      You should check out his review of “Vampires Suck”, if you want to hear him get REALLY worked up.

      EDIT: And now that I have seen this movie, I have to agree with EVERYTHING the good doctor says about the editing. The only thing I disagree with him about is that I DO think this is one of the worst Bond films. Die Another Day and Never Say Never Again are still worse, but the action scenes in this film are actually more painful to watch than anything in those films. And I don’t even get nauseated by shaky cam or quick cutting. I just think it’s unpleasant, insulting, unnecessary, and unforgivable. How can I follow a story, when every time someone runs around or punches or shoots, my TV gets a seizure? It’s not supposed to do that. And neither should any movie with claims to respectability.

      This film should be forgotten. It has almost no redeeming value, certainly not enough to pay for its sins.

      OK, that last line in the review. I bet that was meant as a joke, wasn’t it?