Quantico: Everybody Spies (S1 E10 Recap)

quantico logoDid it seem for a moment like Quantico was getting better, becoming less gimmicky and more action packed, as we headed into ticking-time bomb territory with the possibility of a second blast? This week’s episode was a giant step back into the land of “feelings,” mostly feelings of hurt and betrayal, plus awkwardness, and even some waterworks.

We open with Alex who’s pleaded guilty, getting sprung by Liam. Team Alex, including honorary member Miranda, have all been freed and reinstated. Ryan is still in the hospital recovering from torture and bullets. The rest meet at a now emptied out headquarters to discuss the hunt for the second bomb. Liam explains why they need to make it look like the framing of Alex was a success. His explanation doesn’t make any more sense than it did last week. Aren’t they LESS likely to go ahead with a second bombing if they think the FBI is closing in? Wouldn’t Elias, her lawyer, have something to say about this? Also why exactly is it that she’s going away for life if they can’t solve this thing in a day? Isn’t there going to be a trial? And why isn’t the judge in on the play?

At least we all get to see each other again.

At least we all get to see each other again.

But enough with the pesky questions. The point is that now the team must investigate all their peers from Quantico because we’re still going with the mystery tip that the bomber was one of them. So Caleb, Shelby, Simon, Nimah, Raina and Vasquez go off to investigate in some other part of the building or maybe in the field. Then Miranda drops the always expected surprise twist – it could be one of them, so while they are all off monitoring their classmates, Alex, Liam, and Miranda will be watching them.

Alex feels bad about spying on those who sacrificed much for her, but whatevs.


Back in the past, there’s some wrastling going on at the academy, and Alex notices Vasquez’s fake scar is fake. She confronts Vasquez later, who tells her to mind her own business. Nimah and Raina are being mean to Simon because his ratting out the psycho-substitute really rattled them. They aren’t the only ones giving him a hard time. The instructor also doesn’t like a stool pigeon, and someone takes his towel in the shower, but Ryan is supportive. Ryan is still leaving, but Alex asks him t help her find out what’s up with Vasquez first. He agrees to pull another NAT’s records for her just because. Shelby goes to Alex for relationship advice because Caleb suddenly seems distant. Caleb talks to his dad on the phone, telling him he’ll find proof that Shelby’s sister is real.

What’s the assignment that’s sort of like what’s happening in the present? They have to vet the incoming class and look for blips in their files that would make them unfit for service. Is it a clue that all the photos of the incomings look like actor’s headshots?

Nimah is really holding on to her Simon-hate even during the exercise. Nimah asks a hot instructor we haven’t seen before, Danny, for help, and he’s suddenly blurting out info about Simon because these FBI types are all about the loose gossip, and apparently all a NAT has to do to get a Special Agent to give her a file on another NAT is smile.

Danny was intrigued by the twin thing.

Danny was intrigued by the twin thing.

So there’s Nimah spying on Simon, and Ryan getting Vasquez’s file for Alex, and Caleb spying on Shelby. Vasquez happens by to tell Shelby that Caleb is on her computer and sees her file. That’s awkward. Shelby manages to grab the flash drive Caleb just loaded with her stuff. Caleb comes clean and explains what he’s doing.

Then Liam walks into the hallway to tells the NATs that there’s going to be a “new NAT review,” which Booth translates as someone is getting kicked out. Of course, everyone has to go to the show trial.

Several months later, Liam, Alex, and Miranda have all the active members of Team Alex (except injured Ryan) being watched and filmed, in some cases with sound. Miranda overhears Shelby use Clayton’s name, and uh-oh now it’s going to go on her PERMANANT RECORD. Raina goes to visit the terrorist cell leader – the one who was sleeping with Nimah – in the hospital. Twins are complicated! Simon is meeting his bomb maker friend in Williamsburg. Alex outs his friend as a bomb maker to Liam and Miranda.

And then we’re back at the Academy, where Simon, Shelby and Vasquez all think the review may be about them. Who’s the lucky winner? It’s Vasquez and the scar, which an instructor also spotted as fake, so this didn’t happen because Alex is a rat, which she totally isn’t.


Vasquez gives a humiliating explanation about her time as an abused woman. She faked the scar in a custody hearing because she needed something she could show the judge. Wait? So she left her daughter with an abusive prick so she could go to the Academy and make her (damaged) daughter proud? She keeps the scar because it’s a “symbol.” Couldn’t she have gotten a tat? Miranda says the board will now deliberate, but this being the FBI, they’re probably listening in after they leave the room. After the board leaves, Nimah  takes out her Simon file and starts talking about how he’s the one who should get thrown out. She accuses him of being a war criminal and show pictures, which we don’t get to see.

Present tense: Simon and Orin The Bomb Maker are meeting in a public place. Simon realizes he’s being watched, so they cleverly leave before being arrested because they’re stereotypically smart. Nimah goes into the room to ask Miranda for something and and overhears or sees something about Raina visiting their terrorist mark. She confronts her sister, who may be suffering from an excess of sympathy, as she describes the cell leader who her sister was protecting her from as a “lost human.” When did Raina become an idiot? Then Nimah brings everyone in to see the surveillance. They are all super mad at Alex, and want an explanation. That’s when Simon comes in with the misleading bombshell. “I’m the one that planned Grand Central.”

What was he thinking? It’s the goofiest plan ever. He designed flawed bombs that were never going to go off. One was supposed to go under Temple Emanuel (a real synagogue) ,and the other under the 96th Street Mosque (a real mosque). Somehow these not-bomb bombs were supposed to bring people together and cause peace to break out. Huh? It’s especially bizarre given that it’s not like the Jews and Muslims are at war with each other in New York City. Temple Emanuel is all about the inter-faith cooperation, and the 96th Street Mosque, is not exactly a hotbed of radicalism. Simon didn’t go through it. However, whoever was responsible for Grand Central used his design and fixed the flaws.

Back to the past, Nimah is in “j’ accuse” mode. It turns out by “war criminal,” she meant soldier in the IDF. Remember, everyone thinks that Simon was a volunteer with the Palestinians. So now she’s just outed him as something else. He admits to the soldiering, and says he was a translator in Gaza. They get into a loud discussion about war being “wrong” and she doesn’t buy that he was “just” a translator. He finally admits he “got close” to women to “lure them” into interrogations. How exactly did he get close to them? Did he pretend to be their gay best friend? Did he pretend to be NOT an IDF officer because that really wouldn’t go over too well. It’s not specified. But then there’s mention of his commanding officer who “went rogue” and did something to the women. What, did he do? Again, no details offered, but ABC should be hearing the Anti-Defamation League soon.

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, he doesn't even really like coffee!

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, he doesn’t even really like coffee!

Over in the present, Alex is listening to Simon’s plan and points out that synagogues and mosques get bombed ALL the time and peace hasn’t broken out as a result. But Simon explains that his plan would have led to people talking to each other because it hasn’t happened here before. You’d think Simon would realize that people talking to each other in New York City is a lot less important than their talking to each other in Israel and Palestine. Then Simon confronts Alex about spying on him after all he did for her, and says he’s going home to get his affairs in order before his inevitable arrest. Liam and Miranda let him leave, instead of demanding he help them figure out HOW someone could have gotten his plans, and maybe who that person might be.

In the past, Nimah is making Simon cry. Ryan stands up for Simon, and also admits his own secret. Then he tells Vasquez, she’s going to be a great agent. He also mentions that time that Simon threw him against the wall and he saw “the soldier inside” of him. Miranda arrives with the decision. Natalie is fit to continue, but Mr. Asher can stick around. He’s got some ‘splaining to do.


Shelby and Caleb continue their fight, but now she wants his help to finally vet her sister for real. Vasquez and Ryan sit down with each other and have a moment. He tells her she’s going to be a great agent, and she calls him Jump Street, which is also the nickname several reviewers have given him. Then Alex sends him off with the idea that maybe they’ll have some hot times if they’re in the same city, but then they’ll get tired of each other and marry other people.Turns out Ryan’s feelings for her may be deeper than hers for him, and it gets a little awkward, which possibly explains Vasquez, who seems less selfish and terrible than Alex in this episode.

That awkward moment when he realizes he was just being used.

That awkward moment when he realizes he was just being used.

What was that little matter that Miranda wanted to see Simon about? He’s been voted off the island.Turns out that little fight he had with Ryan before they became besties was a fatal error. He can’t control his temper. So lying about the gay thing, and misleading people about his eyeglasses, and pretending to like coffee were not issues, nor was lying to his colleagues about his service, but some mutual homoerotic fisticuffs was a biggie. Simon points out this is unfair, especially given that time Miranda locked him in a bathroom for 24 hours so he wouldn’t out the twins.

Caleb scams Shelby’s “sister” by skyping her and telling her he wants a 10% cut. Shelby is devastated when her “sister” admits it’s a con. And how exactly did the FBI miss Shelby’s bank drafts in her background check? Alex sees Simon before he leaves Quantico. He asks her if she ever feels like people don’t really see her. Given that she’s Miss Universe, that would be pretty unlikely. Also when have we really seen them buddy up before? Raina walks away when he passes her open door. Nimah shuts the door on him.

In the present, Shelby and Caleb are still fighting about her affair (now ended) with his father. Nimah and Raina are on the outs. Alex tells Liam that she’s “lost” everything, and is going to be sentenced in 24 hours. Shouldn’t everyone be more concerned about the ticking time bomb in the “real” bomber’s hands?

When Simon is dropped off by taxi at his well-appointed Riverdale home, Alex is waiting for him outside his house. The most wanted woman in America is again disguised by a hoodie. How did she get there? How did she get there ahead of him? She tells him she needs him to believe in her and help her catch the terrorist. He tells her they can never go back to Quantico, whatever that means. Then she gets into a car that wasn’t there a minute ago. Is it the Unknowns or Uber? Whoever it is, we see car lights indicating she’s gone. Then as Simon heads to the door, some white guy with chloroform grabs him. (Update: Some people insist the blurry figure is Elias, which would open up a whole ‘nother can o’ worms.)

This might not have happened if he'd stayed at the FBI HQ to answer some questions.

This might not have happened if he’d stayed at the FBI HQ to answer some questions.

So am I going to drop my Mossad theory? Yes, but it was a cool idea, and makes more sense than having Simon be an idealistic peacenik who joins the FBI, for peace. One more episode left before the break. Theories and predictions from HappyNiceTimers are welcome. In a show this loopy, you can’t guess  based on logic, so feel free to be imaginative in the comments below.

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