Put On A Fancy Hat And Sing ‘America’ For Aretha Franklin’s Birthday

Put On A Fancy Hat And Sing 'America' For Aretha Franklin's Birthday

What can we say about Aretha Franklin? It’s her birthday! Queen of Soul! We can tell you that if you don’t already own a heaping helping of her records, you should clicky clicky on over to Amazon and pick up Rhino’s fantastic box set, The Queen of Soul which has five CDs of Aretha goodness for a whopping $29.

You should also probably just take your afternoon off and watch Aretha videos. We’re going to help you with that by reminding you that there isn’t a Democratic president in the last 35 years that Aretha didn’t sing at the inauguration for. Sadly, that is only three presidents in those 35 years, but that’s not Aretha’s fault, that is your fault, America.

She sang “God Bless America” for Jimmy Carter.

She sang “I Dreamed A Dream” for the Big Dog Bill Clinton.

And of course, she and her hat sang “America” for Bamz.

But let’s talk about her REALLY important performances, like “Think,” in Blues Brothers, OF COURSE.

And the best, most important, most ultimate, most spectacular performance of all: singing “Respect” to Rodney Dangerfield while he dances around in animal prints and gold lame pants. If you watch only one video today, make this this one.

You’re welcome.

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  • Irish_lass

    One of my favorite performers of all time. I had the privelage of seeing her at the Valley Forge Music Theatre in the round a few decades ago. Well being as Caucasian as Caucasian can be, sitting in an audience rich with melanin’ I felt like a marshmallow in a big cup of hot chocolate. it was delightful.

  • thepoliticalcat

    Some days I just want to strangle every living politician in the world with votes. Also too their vile lapdogs of the media, their sycophants and hangers-on, their presstitutes and bullyboys and thugs and myrmidons.It does my heart no end of good to find out today is the birthday of the Queen. Thank you. I shall refrain from throatpunching total strangers for the rest of the day. America, you have been saved.

  • JaaaaaCeeeee

    Minor quibble: the right Bamz Aretha video would be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwsDr2kzRO8Another hearty thank you, not just for the coolest Aretha Respect video, but for reminding me I have the queen’s bday to celebrate.