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Join Sofie AKA the Scarlet Defender as she drags in asks the Film Renegado very nicely to do a crossover with her, and the two review Puss in Boots, starring Antonio Banderas as the swashbuckling kitty cat from the Shrek movies. Featuring a special guest appearance from Johnny Oldschool as the Black Claw!

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  • Dammit Sofie! I caught diabetes from your first “Puss Plead” face you did and that second one only exacerbated it! Well I should be alright as long as you don’t do anything else that might- “Miaow.” Great, now the doctors are going to take both my feet! Happy Sofie?!

    But srsly, this was a lot of fun to watch. Your character the Scarlet Aveng- I mean Defender was great, fun, hammy and had quite a cool costume too. Renegado was good as usual and… Anne Hathaway is that you? Hope you haven’t lost too much hair from that hairband Johnny.

    I know what you’re saying about Dreamworks milking their franchise cows for all they’re worth but even as drawn out as they are and how each film got worse as it went along (save Shrek to Shrek 2) there are some moments that I thought were alright. I liked the Pied Piper in Shrek 4, this silent assassin who travels on top of his rats. Him playing The Beastie Boys’ ‘Sure Shot’ was the one thing I definitely remember from that film. Maybe because I was just bored by the rest of it, that musical reference was just what I needed. Certain moments stick out in my mind as a casual viewer and I know that’s not your approach looking on movies as a whole but I tend to be a bit more optimistic about things and try to see good in everything. Or should I be struck down by the Cynical Internet Gods for even thinking such a thing?

    • Sofie Liv

       Well that’s a new super-power I didn’t know I had.

      Giving people diabetes by looking at them.. huh, and here I thought it was just a way for me to get what-ever I wanted.

      Well granted, all Shrek movies have scenes in time that lets you give a chuckle, few quotes, but as a critic I have to say, when a funny movie only makes you laugh ones in a while, and only makes you smile from time to time. it just isn’t good enough, it should entertain you all the way through, it can have a mid-ways point where it looses you, but picks itself up and it’s a mostly etnertaining movie, but that is not the two last Shrek sequels, those are movies where you for the most part sit and aren’t very entertained, and that’s just not good enough. Thank goodness it’s over now.
      All though, I am sincerely hoping for more Puss movies! a thing I have to hand to this movie, if its intention was to tell Puss’s origin on the same time as setting him up for new adventures in his own franchise… it actually genuinly succeeded! the big question just is, if they are going to use that to some-thing??? and I really hope they will, because this could work, and I still want to see more of Puss!

  • DavidWilmotLow

    anyone else ever get the feeling that the apparently sweet and lovable sofie is secretly plotting the downfall of all other critics…oh heck, its probably just my imagination, lol;)

    • Sofie Liv

       Where-ever would you get that notion?
      I’m more like that person just wanting to have fun all the time, even if it’s on the cost of others, but I can’t help that! it’s a condition!

  • StevePotter

    I hope you keep on using your phantasmic eyes for good and not evil. 

    • Sofie Liv

       Does using them as a tool to get what I want and drag fellow net reviewers into my videos count for a good or evil purpose?

      Well, at least you can rest assured I am not out to destroy worlds, I am merely out to have some fun.

      • StevePotter

        Dragging along other reviewers is certainly good for US at least.

        • Sofie Liv

           Glad you enjoy me making cross-overs, I know it’s not such a popular thing to do any-more, but I enjoy the formular cross-overs allows me to do :)

          • StevePotter

            I never understood people who dislike crossovers. I mean, if the critics have no chemistry or if their review styles don’t mesh, THAT makes sense to be upset about. But for the most part, I love crossovers! It’s nice to see the critic have someone to bounce off of, especially if they disagree on the movie.

          • Sofie Liv

             Well, I also feel like you can do so many things with a cross-over, as you can see I personally love being able to bounch of a person, if I had a person next to me in my real life, interested in making videos like this, I would absolutely do it like Count Jackula and the Horror Guru is doing it, creating a team and never appear in a video alone.

            My cross-over videos are also very different from regular videos, me and Jill pretty much agree, the only reason why our Holmes cross-overs works is because I made up a new style for it, which is compleately different frm how I usually make reviews and how she make reviews, her usual review style actually don’t mesh with cross-overs, neither do my style, I change it when-ever it becomes a cross-over.

            So well yeah, I have often said I am a bit more exsperimental in my videos and a bit more fluent, I don’t have a strict formular, I just change according to what makes sense to me each week :)

          • StevePotter

            Definitely keep up the good work! You’re probably one of my favorite critics on the interwebs. 

          • Sofie Liv

             wauw, thank you :)

  • It was weird playing the sane person in a video xD. But it was fun at the same time, regarding Puss in Boots, like I said, the first half of the movie is very good but all the twists at the end are a bit bothering, I’d still love to see sequels thou.

    • Sofie Liv

       Every-thing is a learning exsperience right? your natural performance is over the top, and so is mine, it’s all about finding the balance and figure what response is fitting for this joke. You did very well though! so yeah, be proud of yourself :)

    • You will never be the sane person Jez! Not when you keep subjecting yourself to shit movies like Jack and Jill and Beverley Hills Chihuahua. You’ll be sharing a padded cell with Josh Bell before you can say “I need my magic beans!”

    • StevePotter

      I thought you worked very well as the sane person, I thought your exasperated voice was hilarious.

      • Sofie Liv


  • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

    Now I want to see Puss N Boots, Garfield, Felix, Heathcliff in a Feline Megamix movie with guest appearances by Tony the Tiger and Kimba the White Lion!  With Shere Khan, Nermal and Tom and Jerry’s Tom as villains.

    • Sofie Liv

       erh… kay..

      • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

        You probably didn’t grow up with them as a kid, but here in North America, they are all very well known and loved (Even Fritz the Cat has his fans).  As sad as we are, I remember a ton of debates about Garfield vs Heathcliff growing up, Tom vs Itchy and girls squealing over the name Felix (yes, that is sad I know).  I don’t know maybe growing up with so many feline icons is part of our nature in North America but it’s definitely there.

        • Sofie Liv

           I grew up with Garfield, Heathcliff, tony the tiger, the jungle book and Tom n’ Jerry.

          In fact I read tons of Garfield in their big collected published comic books, ate lots of frosties, I still watch Tom and Jerry when I catch it in tely, cannot turn it off, and you will never find an animated Disney movie I have not seen.

          I just don’t see the purpose of any such cross-over. 

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            Fair statement.  I just think it would be a pretty profound statement that the Intellectual Property owners for them could get together to make such a movie, it would be pretty historic and might even be pretty entertaining as well.  Tom hunting Heathcliff would be something that hasn’t happened in either of their characters histories so it’s one of those things that, from a nostalgia viewpoint, would make that crossover pretty epic.

          • StevePotter

            If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your favorite of the animated Disney films? Least favorite? This is pretty much out of curiosity.

          • Sofie Liv

            my favourit animated Disney movie is beauty and the beast.
            I always loved it beyond reason, when I was a kid I litterately watched the VHS tape so much that it got worn out. There was even a point in my late teens where it hadn’t come out on any official DVD, and I searched endlessly for it. Got it on DVD now though!

            Disney movie I like the least.. I don’t know if this one count, thankfully Disney had nothing to do with the creation of this movie, they only distributed it, but thusly their name (unfortunately.) is on it.
            The Wild is an ugly, unfunny, horrendous movie, it’s just down-right unpleasent to watch, it’s really really awful!

            But as for a movie actually made by Disney. Chicken little is dreadfully medi-ocre, and some points of it, just annoyingly bad.

            Though if you mean hand-drawn animated movies. urh… I like all of them, they are childhood, and yes, I even highly enjoy Bernard and Bianca and the Aristocats, and I am also a defender of Hercules, I actually like that movie. even Pocahontas I like, I remember watching that for the first time as a ten year old in cinema and was amazed. there’s no handrawn Disney animated movie I can come up with I don’t enjoy.. no wait a second.
            Pinocchio! Pinnochio always scared the hell out of me when I was a child! I remember getting it on VHS, watched it only ones, and then hid it as far aways as I could in a drawer, refusing to take it out again!

          • StevePotter

            Aww, sad day about Pinocchio. I love that movie, although my favorite is probably Sleeping Beauty, although Alice in Wonderland, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast are right up there. I’d have to say Aristocats is one of my least favorite, along with Robin Hood and The Black Cauldron.

            I’m a little iffy about Hercules. On its own merits, it’s a good movie, but it’s a complete slap in the face for anyone with a passion for Greek myth. BUT it is a good movie for what it is, which is more than I can say for The Black Cauldron.

          • Sofie Liv

             Seriously, if I as a Dane, whom grew up with and loves Norse mythology, can all the legends by heart, carries the symbol of mjølner around my neck as a symbol of my country, can accept the Marvel Thor for what it is.
            A thing only lending names and creating its own thing, that has litterately nothing to do with real norse mythology. I do exspect people can do the same thing with hercules.

            I really like Robin hood! Aristocats has “Every-body wants to be a cat” in it, one of the songs I sang the most while being a kid, and well, the Black Cauldron is also really cool movie. When I was a kid.. I even liked Gurgi! I thought he was cute.. also the danish voice he had is not nearly as annoying as the english one.
            It’s almost like the Mouses in brother bear, those are freaking hillarious in Danish, then I saw them in English and were deeply disapointed that they weren’t nearly as funny. One of the few cases where the dub is a wast improvement.. for some reason.

            Oh! the Fox and the Hound! my exsposure to that one was also very very limited.. Because it consequently made me cry! every single damn time, when she leaves Todd behind I cry a river! it’s childhood trauma! cause it genuinly takes so much with me to cry at any-thing.

          • StevePotter

            I suppose that’s a fair point about Hercules. And my disdain for “The Black Cauldron” mainly stems from the fact that the books hold a special place in my heart (I started reading the series when I was given the first book as I was recovering from meningitis in sixth grade). Plus, I just don’t think the movie was all that good on its own.

  • Calum Syers

    Good review, Sofie and Film Renegedo. Also, nice cameo from Johnny Oldskool. I must say, I’m a sucker for crossovers. I never had much interest in Shrek or Puss in Boots, but the clips shown make it look quite fun.

    Also, YAY for reversing gender roles and all that. Now I can imagine the many great adventures of The Scarlet Defender as she roams through Mexico, kicking ass and bedding many, many men.

    Again, great review.

    • Sofie Liv

       Thank you, and well, it is a fun movie, it isn’t world changing or any-thing, but for a nice relaxing afternoon with the kids, I do indeed recommend it.
      Glad people aren’t growing as tired of cross-overs as some claim.

      I guess I am quite the sucker for gender reversing roles, for better and worse.
      Though what I like to think I make different is when other people write “women in male roles.” they suddenly turn bad-ass beyond reason, I try to make it still the same character with all the awkward things in between, I think easily miss Defender could end up in a pretty awkward situation, she actually is a sort of awkward character, if I were going to use her more.
      You know, I myself would kind of want to know that entire back-story between the black claw and the scarlet defender, it sounds interesting.. and no, neither do I have any idea what exactly happened between those to <_<

      Thank you again! :)

      • Necroglobule

        I have a crush on the Scarlet Defender, and her sexy Castillian accent by way of Copenhagen. Copenstillian accent? And she is just the swordsman I need to help me get my revenge against the six-fingered man who killed my father, to which I will say….

        “Hello. I am a Nigerian prince. I need your help with a financial transaction which will bring you a very lucrative reward. Just give me 5,000 dollars and you will be entitled to 25 percent of 5 million in the denomination of your choosing.”

        You’re right though. Puss goes with everything. I can imagine it!

        Puss vs Jason
        Pussino Royale
        Puss vs Army of Darkness
        Puss of the Dead
        Reservoir Cats
        Kill Humpty
        Puss Fiction
        2001: A Puss Odyssey
        2010: The Year Puss Makes Contact
        Puss’ Big Score
        Puss Goes to Africa
        Puss 9 From Outer Space
        Puss Ventura: Pet Detective
        A Pawful of Dollars
        The Scratching Postman
        Jurassic Puss
        Puss in Boots and Costello vs A Brooklyn Gorilla
        Manos: the Paws of Fate
        Star Trek III: The Search for Catnip
        Claw Runner
        Feline Centipede

        Now we dance party!

        • Sofie Liv

           I’m not from Copenhagen, i’m from the rest of Denmark.
          All though we are such a small country, we actually have several dialects, and quiet honestly… my danish dialect is the one connected to the country side.
          Yep, I am a country side girl if you should judge on my danish dialect only.

          I would watch any of those movies..

          Glad you enjoyed the review! :)

          • Necroglobule

            Didn’t mean to offend you, nor am I judging you. Copenhagen was just the only city in Denmark that came to mind when I was writing that bit, and I hadn’t the foggiest clue where in that beautiful country you’re actually from.

            Now I know. And knowing is half the battle.


          • Sofie Liv

             You didn’t offend me, it’s just such an standard thing for me. 

            When I lived in London and I told. “I’m from denmark.” immediatly some-one would go off saying. “Oooh! Copenhagen!” and no.. not Copenhagen, I’ve actually very litterately been more to London than Copenhagen. Also every-where else, no matter where I go, if some-one know of Denmark they’ll assume i’m from Copenhagen, and I am really not.
            Even Mark Gatiss came with that one. “Oh, Copenhagen!” .. Denmark is bigger than Copenhagen <_<
            And it's my standard answer to that. "No i'm from the rest of Denmark.. i'm from that big half island stuck to Germany."

            It's a bit like asuming every US person is from the state of New-york and every british person is from London isn't it?

            Every single Spanish person lifes in Barcelona! of cause! I don't know why Denmark is such a single case that people goes. "COPENHAGEN!" when-ever I mention it.

            I never seen a Frence person going. "I'm from French." and some-one goes. "Uh! you must be from Paris then!" … yeah.. sure, you just assume that.

          • Necroglobule

            Well that certainly wasn’t what I was going for. Copenhagen just fit the best with Castillian for the joke I was making, that’s all.

            How about a peace offering? *offers you a bag* Would you like a jelly baby?

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, okay then. *snatches the whole bag of jelly babies and walks away*

          • Necroglobule


          • groupthinker1984

            My theory, Copenhagen is just a fun name to say. 

            Unless you want to talk about something being “rotten in the state of Denmark.” (Wow, just realized Shakespeare didn’t do your country any favors.)

          • Sofie Liv

            Well I don’t know about that, he gave us Hamlet, so Kronborg, which is indeed a real castle, is offically hunted by a prince! that’s a rather unique ghost story with even larger meaning in world litterature.

            Which is very nice, as we in spite having a real line of kings and queens, going as far back as the viking age. (yep, the whole line is descended from a viking king, Gorm the old, and his son was Harald Bluetooth, and you know that computer app called Bluetooth? that’s a norse rune on that, it’s named after the Danish king Harald Bluetooth. And he is so signifigant because he was the king whom converted Denmark into Christianity, making us the only country in the world having an specific date for when we were converted as a country, June 996 AC) and we had a couple of interesting figures.. Hamlet is entirely fictional, we never ever had any-one called hamlet around here.

            Well, in the case of England and London, Copenhagen also just happens to be a very popular traveling spot for them, they litterately go there to party!
            Apparently it’s much more fun partying in Copenhagen than in London, because people whom lifes in london, really does come just to party! Yet they never travel beyond Copenhagen.
            Copenhagen has apparently become infamous in britten for being the place to be wasted all night… hehe, that’s my country.

          • Necroglobule

            That was a very interesting read. I mean it, why not do a video series on the history of Denmark?  I’m a big history buff and would be very interested in learning more about your history and your culture and your abilities as a presenter and a performer would make it very entertaining.

          • Sofie Liv

             I do love my own country, and I do love the fact that we are genuinly a country of very old legends, folk-lore, ancient hero figures. And we even have folk-lore attached to different time periods! the folk lore of 900 is wastly different from the folklore of 1200, and I find all over it interesting, I am very much a fairy-tale and folk-lore buff.

            How-ever, that’s just not right now, it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I have to pick and choose!
            I could make videos about role-playing culture, I could make basic acting advice videos, I could make sketches, and people have expressed interest in all of that, which is very flattering and makes me very happy! how-ever, to make any-thing at all, I just have to pick a project and finish it before starting on the next one, which i’ll have to pick!

            Also, this is a movie site, devoted to movies, were I to go make history lessons about my country, without connecting it to any movie, it would not be posted here, and that’s my role right now, to make movies for this site!

            how-ever, it would not be un-heard of that I would review some-thing like “Beowulf.” or “Thor.” and talk about how that relates to my countries history. .

          • Necroglobule

            I understand. the Beowulf and Thor idea sounds like a plan.

          • Russell Brin (Facebook sux)

            I’d love to see Thor and Wolverine in a movie together having a drinking contest…that would fit both characters pretty well don’t you think even if it’s just a cameo by either one?  Thor would win it of course, but Logan could make it a contest with his healing factor, and it could be two alpha males not backing down I think it would make a good scene, and when it got serious a face off with Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth ready to throw down, fans would go nuts.

          • John Wilson

            Even Feline Centipede? 

          • Sofie Liv

            erh… okay he can keep that one. 

  • Jay_Bay

    So…..thats where Sophie learn the “Baby Blues” attack from?  Well, it is an effective manuever for her to use, look at her eyes.  Also, this review is fun to watch, unlike the movie which (maybe because of burnout from the FOUR Shrek movies) kinda irk me.

    • Sofie Liv

       Actually I learned it from this review

      But yeah, it’s my main attack, it’s because I have zero in strenght and stealth I over compensate in charisma.

      I liked this movie, as you can see in the review, but well, yeah, I can understand being burn out after four shrek movies, two of them being really bad :/

      • Jay_Bay

        Well, you have highly effective eyes for maximum effect.