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The Cinema Slob gets around to watching Push, the super-powered action thriller starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. So what does the Slob think of this stylish entry into the world of superhero movies? Test your psychic abilities, and check out the Slob’s review to find out!

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  • Moof

    You know what, this one didn’t need a cinema slob to think it was okay. It wasn’t a terrible movie. It wasn’t great, at all, it’s biggest flaws were in being mediocre and not grabbing hold of the concept more firmly.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Man, Chris Evans has become the go-to guy when it comes to super hero-ish films, hasn’t he? If he isn’t careful he’s going to get typecast…if he hasn’t already.

    • To be fair though he did star in Not Another Teen Movie earlier in his career, 12 years ago actually. It’s amazing to think he went from that, to one of the most hated modern superhero adaptation characters, to one of the most beloved.

      • Thomas Stockel

        This is true, he managed to survive some pretty crappy movies where other actors have just…faded away.

        And if you are talking about the Human Torch, I think he and Chiklis were the best parts of the Fantastic Four movies. I think both actors completely nailed their respective roles. Evans managed to skirt the line between annoying and endearing.

        • Well I say one of the most hated modern comic adaptation characters because I know quite a few people who loathed Johnny Storm in the F4 movies. I was kind of indifferent to him like those films but the Rifftrax crew really ripped into him!

          • The_Stig

            Those people need to actually crack open a comic book sometime because I thought he nailed the role. In the comics, Johnny Storm IS a cocky douche!