VIDEO: Puppets by Daniel Hecht

Yulia showcases her favorite mystery novel of all time: Daniel Hecht’s Puppets, the prequel to Skull Session, and a grossly underrated tale about a serial killer who hangs his victims like marionettes on the wall… and it has some stuff about illegal government experiments, too.

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  • Yurifan

    I love your reviews! As a huge book lover, your reviews put a smile on my face :)

    • FullofQuestions1

      Aw, thanks. Always great to find another book lover.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Great review, FOQ!  And I hope your jaw is feeling better.

    • FullofQuestions1

      It is, thanks for caring. I can eat solid food again as of yesterday. Still another month without Laffy Taffies and gum though…

  • $36060516

    You seem to have a lot going for you and are very personable in these videos, so I’m sure a relationship will come along soon if you want one. 

    • MichaelANovelli

      Yeah, she’s a good kid, alright.  :-)

      • FullofQuestions1

        You guys are really sweet.

  • You’re wearing your couch!  Or maybe the rest of you is just a hologram, and you didn’t have a hologram shirt.

  • MephLord

    I really enjoyed this review.  One suggestion though, instead of reciting what is on the screen (when you narrate the direct quotes from the book) would it work to explain during the projection of the text your feelings of what the text means?  Even if you have to keep the frame up longer as long as you give your interpretation of the text in the context of your review, it might be a way to add more depth to your review.

    Still overall great review.  Making a book review is a lot more difficult since you don’t have a lot of images to work with, so it’s based on text and voice.  Was it a light or a heavy read, since some books you can read and totally visualize what is happening, but some are plodding, esoteric messes to get through.  I use Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew as a medium to base it on at 5, since they are pretty straight forward plot wise but were fairly entertaining.  A 10 is a very interesting read while 1 is a super chore.  Agatha Christie scores a 3 on that metric to me, since I didn’t mind her books but they just weren’t as easy to read, so having a metric to base the ease of reading on might be a good idea.

    • FullofQuestions1

      If you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, that might be something I attempt in the future.

      I think it’s about in the middle. The language isn’t difficult or anything, and he tends to write exactly what he means. What does make it somewhat difficult is that Hecht expects you to do your own research- unless you’re like me and spend time reading about the Branch Davidians, and stuff like that, you may still be a little confused even though he does some explaining. I was a tad confused by references to MKUltra the first time I read it. 

      It might also be difficult to read due to how graphic Hecht can get. In Skull Session describes a person who has been run over by a car as wearing a cape of his internal organs on his back and has descriptions of a man who has been bifurcated looking at his intestines. Not as bad as some, but it can still be disturbing to those who are squeamish.

      • $36060516

        “Skull Session describes a person who has been run over by a car as wearing a cape of his internal organs on his back”

        Surprised Lady Gaga hasn’t tried that look.

        • FullofQuestions1

          And that comment just made my day!

  • FullofQuestions1

    I just realized that I forgot to credit Michael in this episode. This is what happens when you finish editing at 3:30 A.M. 
    Thanks to Mendo for getting me into more debt than student loan people. I probably now owe even more for forgetting to credit him the first time.

    • MichaelANovelli