VIDEO: Punisher: War Zone (2008)

Prepare yourself. Sybil is about to take you to the Punisher Bone Zone!

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  • For years I’ve felt I’m the only person who loves this film. 🙁

    • Zack_Dolan

      well, you’re not. and also, you might be surprised to know you’re not the onoly skullomania fan in the world either. love the avatar 🙂

  • filmguy450

    I am so glad to see you also love this film! It’s a great representation of the Punisher character, with cool action and fun style. I agree that the plot isn’t the best and falls back on cliches too often, but the action is so good, I don’t care.

  • madmanoreo

    Eh, I dunno I think this movie was good despite itself. I mean the main villain was kind of all over the place, “I hate the fact that I’m ugly now but call me by my self-created nickname to constantly remind me that my face is fucked up” or the “I hate all these mirrors” moment immediately followed by card carrying villain scene with The Terrorists. I dunno it had a lot of weird tone whiplash in it, like all of the serious business stuff and then Jig Saw is rousing up all the other gangsters while wearing an army uniform with a flag projected behind him ala Patton. And those god damn ‘too dumb to live’ parkour guys. I dunno, I liked the movie over all but those nit picky things always pop up.

  • Zack_Dolan

    I gotta say, you keep surprising me by how in line with my own taste you are. you forgive the same stupid stuff i forgive. you see the same (occasionaly tenuous) connections to the comic that no one else notices. and here again, I am surprised to hear that like me you actually like this movie. I actually like all three punisher movies bcs, in their own (sometimes batshit) way they perfectly reflect the punisher of their times The 80’s movie was exactly like the mindless chunkheaded shoot shit til it don’t move no more punisher of that era. the thomas jane one is very much the super smart trap laying clever hannibal lector with guns punisher from the ultimate universe that was gaining popularity at the time (before everyone realized the whole ultimates thing was a sham) and war zone was the garth ennis max run brought to life. the only thing that would have made it more the ennis run would be an appearance from ma gnucci.

    My only real problem with the film is Jigsaw and looney bin jim. they both are proud graduates of the “I don’t know I’m not the joker” school of villainy (see also: two face (jones) the riddler (carrey) mr freeze (ah’nold) blackheart from ghostrider, whoever the hell judd nelson was supposed to be in steel, etc etc) they are just a smidge TOO over the top and move past b movie shoot em up bad to power rangers bad. other than that though, i love it.

    also, one other thing. I’ve been a big fan for a long time, I picked up on your show about when you did the Mask. but when I tried to go back and see the ones you had done before I started watching, I found a lot of them were missing and didn’t work anymore. they don’t even work on your Mr. coat and friends site. is there any way I can ever view these old episodes? I really want to see the batman and robin and the shadow episodes haha

  • mamba

    Oh this was to be the definite Punisher movie too, and I don’t understand why people hated it. You put it best, it’s exactly what people expect of the Punisher in spades…an uncompromising killer of criminals.

    Have the naysayers even READ the comic? Frank Castle doesn’t negotiate, he doesn’t compromise, he brutally kills anyone he decided has to die. That IS his entire character. Now take any Punisher comic and remove the parts where he’s either killing or planning/setup to kill, and you have no book left basically because there’s nothing else TO the guy…and that’s just the way we like it. He’s action porn in a world of grey areas in comics…so of course any other story will fail miserably. They’re trying to inject humanity into a guy who basically has none left. He’s his mission and that’s that. Most Punisher stories that have “heart” focus on how others AROUND him react to his lifestyle, but nobody’s expecting any character arc with Frank himself. So as long as they (rightly) decide to focus on him, the rest must suffer.

    As for the tone shift on Jigsaw and the like, I think this is a good thing. Frank castle is a brooding emotionless pissed-off guy. If you put him against just a mean evil criminal the movie would be lifeless. So you have to counterpoint him with an insane guy, and Jigsaw seems to fit the bill well. Oddly I found his transformation to be believable, he’s arrogant and vain, then has it all taken away so he snaps, and mental illness is shown to be a family trait. He already had the ruthlessness, so all this added was carelessness and a little more “screw it” attitude, but basically he was the same a-hole form before. heck, he still maintained his focus on the guy responsible and not “the world” or what other cliche could be used.

    Loved the movie, and the review. Too bad we’ll never see a sequel. and yes, the parkour scene was hilarious, though never knew the backgorund as to WHY it was added, so thanks for that!

  • Alexa

    Never seen this movie, don’t care for The Punisher, but generally it looks fine. Not my cup of tea personally, but seriously this looks like an actual faithful adaptation, so yeah all you Punisher fans appreciate what you’ve been given. I wish the same could be extended to us Superman and Wonder Woman fans….*sigh*

    Also poor Freddie Prinz Jr., he kills it and they’re like “No, sorry” Hollywood man, filled to the brim with arrogant assholes or unfair dumbasses…

  • Thomas Stockel

    I loved this movie, too. Out of the three Punisher films it was the most faithful to the comic and the character and I don’t get why people don’t like it. Was the skull on his chest not distinctive enough? Is that it? I just don’t get why the film isn’t more popular with comic fans. :/

    • madmanoreo

      Must be the parkour guys

      • Solkir

        It’s true. Comic book readers are well known for their love of parkour.