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Time Travel Month continues with Phil’s very first top ten list! He reveals the top ten darkest moments of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a 2011 anime series where a schoolgirl named Madoka becomes a Magical Girl and battles dangerous monsters known as “witches”. Warning: This review contains spoilers. So. Many. Spoilers.

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  • Yurifan

    Thank you for doing a great spot light on one of my favorite animes. 🙂

  • Cristiona

    Heh.  A plug bundled with a slam.  Nice!

  • You kept pronouncing Homura’s name like ‘hamaroo’ or something o_0;;

    • I say ruf instead of roof too. I’ve never pronounced Japanese well and already made a lot of jokes about it. So… I don’t care.

  • Fan_the_Flames

    Ahhh this anime…who would have thought that such a sugary exterior would hold a molten center of sheer terror and tear jerkers?  First anime I think I cried at the finale ;_;

  • Alexa

    Finally watched it, and well it was probably some of the best writing I’ve seen.