VIDEO: Psy “Gentleman”

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Rex Rabbit, sound engineer for the Bunny Perspective, is back with another music video review, this time covering Korean pop star Psy’s attempt to repeat the massive YouTube success of “Gangnam Style”. West Side!

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  • Magdalen

    I really like Gentlemen, it’s true it can’t escape Gangnam Style’s shadow though. I notice that Kpop has a habit of putting out songs and/or albums that “match” each other. Like SHINee has their song “Clue”, a song called “Note” and then a big hit called Sherlock (Clue + Note). I think that’s what Psy was going for here, possibly. In Gangnam Style he was a poser trying to act like a bombastic rich man. In Gentlemen he IS that rich man. Check out “Passionate Goodbye” for more Psy awesomeness:

  • danbreunig

    “Risks are what make great art.” Amen, Phil. Or Rex. So you drum too?

  • Tim Terrell

    But Gangam Style was no risk. South Korea already knew who Psy was, and he didn’t intend for Gagam Style to break over here. And Gangam isn’t great art. It is a normal K-Pop song. I like it but it isn’t a great piece of art.

    • Magdalen

      “Great art” is a nebulous idea at the best of times. Psy himself is a very talented singer/dancer who got famous as a short, chunky dude in an industry obsessed with tall, thin flower boys. Psy himself is a bit of a risk.

      • MephLord

        I think if anyone got a career bump from Gangdam Style it’s Hyuna. Although already successful, she has far more opportunities now than she did before Gangdam Style hit it big internationally.

    • Dude, you can just not watch my videos you know.

      • Well, as we saw in the Robot Jox thread, Tim doesn’t need to actually watch a video to come up with something to criticize about it.

        • He was messing with me before this too. I had to block him on twitter.