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Cecil does something way out of the ordinary for the last week of Mainstream May! Prom may be a Disney film, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a charming little drama/comedy. If you like movies like She’s All That, you really should give this one a chance.

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  • tj

    People avoided this movie, not just cuz it’s disney cuz it looked like high bullshit, like the DCOM’s. and…it still kind of looks like it. Which is why i was in shock upon seeing the title of this week’s video.

    Though part me finds those DCOM’s a gully pleasure, as i love mocking dumb teens.Which is why i will defend 16 wishes cuz…it’s genuinly good with lampshades on the high school tropes and a surprisingly mature tear jerking storyline. (Though oddly enough, it’s not /technically/ a DCOM despite it having one of their stars in it)

    But back on topic, This is one of the few times a GBF review doesn’t change my perception of the movie…but if that stoner guy has more lines, i may check it out.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Its a well done little title. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, just enjoyable. Sometimes, I need something like this. I know movies like this usually fall under the category of “guilty” pleasure but I never feel guilt for liking something so for me it’s just a “pleasure”…although that sounds wrong.

      I figured this would be a tough sell but thought I would give it a go anyway. ^^

      • Muthsarah

        As a viewer, I appreciate the occasional curve-ball (I would love it if Jackula/Guru tackled a Meg Ryan film or Sofie saw something only Brad Jones would touch). That said, I gotta say I didn’t see this one coming, at all. Mostly because I had until now been blissfully unaware of this movie’s existence. So you have a soft spot for the teenybopper high school flicks. Good to know. But don’t stray too far now. I rely on you for recommendations on 80s schlock.

  • Jeff Bradford

    I’m just happy you didn’t choose High School Musical.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      I draw the line wayyyyy before that. Aside from the lovely Vanessa Hudgens, HSM is not my thing.

  • Alexa

    I actually really disliked Easy A, and kind of liked Mean Girls. But I will say Emma Stone has million times more charisma and likability than Lindsay Lohan, she really wasn’t the problem, just the writing and the side characters were annoying, in my opinion.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Easy A was 80% Emma Stone that won me over. Stanley Tucci and Alyson Michalka was the rest. Another actress might have tried to hard to be cutesy but her natural charm seeped through and made the film that much more enjoyable.

      I never got the appeal of Lohan besides her having big boobs early in her career. She was moderately attractive but hit the wall quickly and looks like she is 45 now, even though she is still in her 20s. Mean Girls was basically a vehicle to push her into the mainstream and ironically enough, it only helped Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried.

      I didn’t like the movie, mostly because it wasn’t so much “mean” girls as opposed to “not nice” girls. They didn’t go nearly far enough. Plus, I thought the whole thing was boring.

      • Muthsarah

        Easy A deserves respect just for giving the main character a really cool, fun, understanding modern family. That, like, never happens in movies, especially high-school movies, where EVERY teen has to contend with strict/know-nothing/abusive/manipulative/distant/embarrassing/childish/old-fashioned (pick any two) parents, to make them artificially sympathetic to the widest swath of the audience. Substance-wise, the movie’s OK, which is pretty damn good for its genre. Not as great as the hype built it up to be, but, well, it feels like a “small movie”, and it works really well as one. I can’t think of any high-school movie since the 80s that fits that description. A shame the 90s were an utter wasteland for the genre; 10 Things, a Shakespeare adaptation, is really the best we had back then, and we had to wait ’til ’99 to get even that.

        • Cristiona

          That’s part of what bugged me. My parents weren’t my friends or my buddies or even interested in being a cool pal to me and my brother. They were my parents.

          • Muthsarah

            Easy A bugged you because the parents were atypical, casual, fun-loving, genuinely interested in their daughter’s life, yet unobtrusive? Is that so much worse than the typical parents in such films?

      • Alexa

        Again only kind of liked Mean Girls, mostly because I found that the humor worked when Lohan wasn’t involved. The thing about Easy A was the plot was extremely ridiculous and the humor fell flat for me and got on my nerves many times. Its the case where I found the lead in Easy A more appealing, even though her character did beyond idiotic things Emma Stone still did a good job, but I found the plot and story in Mean Girls more interesting and the jokes funnier. Maybe if they put the lead from Easy A in Mean Girls it would have been way better.

        Also how far did you want to movie to go in terms of “mean”? Like Heathers mean?

  • Cameron Vale

    It’s like “I was late for roll call” or “I’m going to assembly,” instead of “I was late for THE roll call” or “I’m going to THE assembly.” Everything in high school is rigorously scheduled, so more than a few students perceive it as a series of places where they have to show up.
    Stick Hippo… probably a coincidence, but that sounds a lot like Stuck Mojo, the rap metal band.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      It’s just a nitpick of mine that has bugged more for quite a while. It’s petty but everyone has something that bothers them.

      I think they just randomly picked something that sounded like it could be a band and went with it. Odd how they mention real bands like the White Stripes and Nirvana but when they have an actual concert to go to, it’s a fake one.

  • Marshall Oliver Estes

    Free Prom? What? I had to pay for my crappy prom.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Well, the main cast all had to work on building the prom decorations in order to get their tickets. So technically, not free.

      • Marshall Oliver Estes

        Ah, well that explains it. Kind of funny how that would break my suspension of disbelief; it’s not like Disney movies have any ties to the world as we know it.

  • Thomas Stockel

    Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures. Mine is Xanadu.

  • Necroglobule

    La-la-la-labia baby you’ve got something for meee—DAMN YOU, TRACHTENBERG!

    • I know not everyone likes Drawn Together (especially after what a piece of shit the movie was) but I still find it to be a funny show. The labia song is very catchy!

  • Hendrix moment: “He’s gonna set her on fire?!” No, he’s gonna play her with with his teeth!…Sorry. That 8 word party song they were talking about also could have been an Andrew WK song which I’ll take over BEP ANYDAY! Seriously if I had been into music in high school as much as I am now, I would have been one of those music geeks, except instead of Stick Hippo, I would have raved about Kitten Pyramid! And I am going to be just as open about my support as those lads were and provide a video link. 😛
    Nice to see you cover something outside your usual forte Cecil.

  • I won’t lie, but “Sydney White” is a guilty pleasure of mine! I haven’t seen this movie, but I also prefer variety as well!