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In Sofie’s first game review, she reviews the puzzle game adventures series Professor Layton, created for the Nintendo DS and 3DS, about a professor and his apprentice who go on adventures and solve puzzles as well as mysteries.

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  • Magdalen

    Heeeey since when do we do video game reviews? I WANNA DO VIDEO GAME REVIEWS. I HAVE OPINIONS ABOUT VIDJA GAMES.

    • danbreunig

      Make that your next review series, Nycea! I’d watch!

      Why do Professor Layton and Luke remind me of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout?

      • Sofie Liv

        As I have no idea who Phielas Fogg and Passepartout is.. i seriously wouldn’t know..

        But i do gather Layton and Luke are pretty much just the arche-type of this kind of mystery solving characters, but for kids.. except.. I wouldn’t call this a kids game, you would have to be pretty smart to get all the way through the games without cheating..

        • danbreunig

          Around the World In 80 Days. Those are the two main characters, the eccentric English rich gentleman and his French adventurous manservant. I figured you would know because you have a clip or two of the 1956 Mike Todd movie Around The World In 80 Days in your Legacy Hunting titles. But yeah, like Muthsarah says, read the book or watch the original vintage old-timey Hollywood movie.

          Well hey, you’re a Whovian because you love Doctor Who; I’m a Vernian because I love Jules Verne. So I’m dang sure making a reference. :)

          I have a niece who has that exact same game and she’s pretty far in it, so…kid’s game? Debatable.

          • Sofie Liv

            OOOOHHHH! Yeah I know that story, i’ve seen a couple of film and movie versions of it, as well as a theatre play.

            I don’t see it though.. no.. they are not like them at all.

            I like Jules Verne, I really do, i’ve read plenty of his books.. I just forget that those were their names to be honest.. I just remember.. rich guy who wants to travel the world and his manservant.. and that lady they pick up in India..

            Ask her if you can try and play it, then come back to me and tell me what you thought about some of those puzzles.

          • danbreunig

            “and that lady they pick up in India..”

            Princess Aouda. She’s the [insert any Companion name here] among my favorite written fandoms. Mmm.

            Well, Layton and Luke being seemingly English and sleuthing almost like Holmes…

            it’s how I see more of a Fogg & Passepartout dynamic than Indiana Jones & Short Round. To my eyes anyway.

            Verne: Victoriana, practical science fiction, 19th. Century Europe and America and everywhere else on earth, fantasy elements abounding, steampunk before people even said “steampunk”, Victoriana again, discovering him on my own outside of school, 50-100 books beyond “the big three”…why would I not love him?!

            If I remember, I’ll ask her about it. She’s also explained a lot of the Potterverse to me when all I could afford to take in were the movies.

          • Sofie Liv

            I loved the story of Captain Nemo when I was a kid, that entire idea of a big submarine that travelled the world.. fantastic.

            Not to forget.. the submarine wasn’t invented yet when he wrote that thing oO

          • danbreunig

            Heck yeah, Captain Nemo! One of my favorite literary characters of all time!–
            literally and figuratively deep. Even tried to write a play about him for a class, if you can believe that.

            Also, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is my all-time favorite Disney movie!

            That’s a charm with Verne: his supposed knack for writing science-based fiction that more often than not eventually became scientific fact, just by mass researching current science trends of his time. To paraphrase him:
            whatever one is capable of conceiving, others will be able to achieve.
            Some of today’s real astrophysics started as ideas from TOS Star Trek.

            Moral of the story: Don’t Knock Fiction, anyone.

        • Muthsarah

          See this movie. Not the crappy remake. THIS-sa one. Or read the book. But the film’s more fun. Great big, colorful, classy Old Hollywood be-cameo’d circus-spectacle-filmmaking.

          • Sofie Liv

            Don’t worry about it, I know who Jules Verne is and i know his stories
            And I have actually seen that movie before a couple of years ago, I had just compleately forgotten their names for some reason.

      • Thomas Stockel

        It’s funny, but the moment I read those names I didn’t think of the movies, but of the cartoon series. I guess I had that in mind because of the subject matter involves animation.

        Man, I used to love that series. Now I got the theme song running through my head.

        • danbreunig

          Nice to see this! I wasn’t around when this was, but read quite a bit about it, being the Verne nut that I am. So much that the only purist quip I would dare make is “why did they change Aouda?” (see my many comments with Sofie below). My own first exposure to a Verne-based anything was the early Filmation series of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Made in the 60s, saw it in the 80s.

    • Sofie Liv

      Since I felt like it, and got absolutely hooked on this video game in particular..

      I did ask Albert if it was oki to make a video review, and it was. So well, lets plays and so on, will not be featured on the main page.

      But regular review videos, he said those would go up. So youcan go ahead and make video game reviews, no problem.

      Just don’t mention the name “Anita.” while you are at it… then no-body will care about what you say about the video game and well.. just backlash at you..

    • Well, we’ve had an entire show devoted to video game reviews since 2012 called “The Examined Life (of Gaming)”. :) And we’ve also posted several other game reviews from Johnny Oldschool, Unusual Suspect, Fear Fan, etc. Cecil posted a review of the game Manhunter: New York about a week and a half ago. :)

  • MalteseLizzieMcGee

    I swore off maths after leving secondary school . . . and then I learnt to sew. And then I started biology and chemistry