VIDEO: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970)

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In the latest chapter of the nefarious web-show-within-a-show Baker Street Adventures, Sofie… I mean, Sherlock Holmes, and Sursum… er, John Watson join forces (in person!) to review one of Steven Moffat’s favorite movies, and a big inspiration for BBC’s Sherlock. It’s the 1970 Billy Wilder comedy The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes!

Watch Sofie and Ursa’s bloopers here!

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  • Jerry Nava

    Oh my! You’re in the same room! The rumors are true, time and space are bending themselves, soon I’ll be showing up at Question’s house out of nowhere.

    Seriously tho, loved how you both interacted here, it was quite funny, I had never heard about this movie, but I can kinda see how it inspired Sherlock xD

    • MephLord

      If Santo were to interact with Bret “Hitman” Hart, the world would explode when combined with everything else.

    • Thomas Stockel

      I forgot to make note of that. It was great seeing two Boothers occupying the same time and place again. :)

      • Sofie Liv

        Good times, good times :)

      • danbreunig

        Check out Mendo’s review of Rowdy Rathore. There you get a whopping *four* Boothers in one room. Or is that what you mean by “great seeing two Boothers…*again*”?

        I’ll tip my hat to any combination of reviewers who can stand within three feet of each other in the same shot. Even passing clips over the Internet has its limits.

        • Thomas Stockel

          Yeah, that review was awesome. I still want to see that movie.

          • MichaelANovelli

            Ah, that was fun. We were so hammered! ^_^

    • Sofie Liv

      I think it started off with my cameo in mad andys video about Maid Marion and her marry men (A cross-over with Jill.) … dunno what the hell that happened there.

      Me and Jill sure had fun, just check out the bloopers in the raw feet, we had a pretty… special way of finishing our take, then just sit there for two seconds and then burst out laughing simultaniously. Oh boy, good times X)

  • Thomas Stockel

    Good review. I was watching this on Turner Classic Movies and there is like an hour of missing footage. Billy Wilder’s film was pretty much taken out of his hands and chopped down to this version. The saddest part? All that footage is gone! Gone, destroyed! So we will never, ever get to see Billy Wilder’s director’s cut of this film. :(

    • Sofie Liv

      Oh, I actually didn’t know that!

      That’s to bad to hear. Would have been interesting to see what he really intended with this movie.. which is sort of a freak fest as it all-ready is, but a kind of fun one.

      Thanks, and we even got bloopers, they are in the raw feet.

  • MichaelANovelli

    I wonder how Sofie would react to “A Study In Emerald”? ;-)

    • danbreunig

      My vote’s for the Firesign Theatre album The Tale Of The Giant Rat Of Sumatra.

      • Sofie Liv

        I’m just going to ignore those two comments.

        • danbreunig

          Ignore if you want–these really happened. But I guess you’ve seen weirder Holmes interpretations, hm?

          • freddy

            Hmm. I really want to see Sophie and Ursa tackle A Study in Emerald now. Not sure how much mileage the two of them could get out of one short story though.

  • danbreunig

    “Women, you just can’t trust them.” Hmf, just like you men would say!

    Wait a minute…

    • Sofie Liv

      reversal world!

  • I guess the Doctor owes you ten quid, Sherlock.

    • Sofie Liv

      njah, gonna let that one slide.

  • Muthsarah

    Who exactly was this movie made for? Holmes fans should be outraged at the incessant blasphemy, but non-Holmesianites would probably find the story no more interesting than a straight Holmes tale woulda been. Was it just for those who want a scandalous, yet random, mystery, for some reason set in the time of Sherlock Holmes…without being authentically Sherlock Holmes? Who wants that? I hated this movie. 1970? Feels like the kind of crap they’d be making today. Good timing releasing this the same weekend as The Lone Ranger. Feels very, very appropriate. Between this and the Seven Percent Solution, I just gotta wonder what the 1970s had against poor Holmes. Like they were all set to tear down every tenet of the old legend…without having anything to build in its place.

    Oh, and Dudette, “midget” is not the proper nomenclature. Little person, please.

    P.S. I have yet to get into “Sherlock” (still working my way through “Who”). I…hope, given the Moffatt connections, that this movie isn’t too indicative of what it has to offer. Now I’m scared.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, it was made and advertised as a comedy.

      So it is deliberate more of a comedy than it is a clever mystery, and I am pretty sure it was made for Holmes fans by a Holmes fan as a re-examination of what could be going on behind the curtains of Holmes’s life, thus the title. “The private life of Sherlock Holmes.” Eluding to a sort of private behind the curtain look, the viewer hasn’t been allowed to see before.

      Oh, look forward to get to Sherlock! That series is brilliant, if you can, make sure to watch it before this November where season 3 comes along, so you can exsperience season 3 together with the rest of the world in excitement.

      Not to forget that season two ended on such a damn cliff-hanger. (Sherlock, NOOOOOO! noo, now john is sad, Sherlock you bastard.)

      Sherlock is definetely a humourus show, there’s a lot of funny things in it. (Steven moffat has humour, remember his banana comment in “The empty child.”?)

      But there is also a lot of suspense and drama, the last episode was really one of the most suspensefull things I saw in all of 2012, my heart race just exploided. So yeah, look forward.

      And midget sounds funnier. I think most small people have self irony enough to let it pass.

      • Muthsarah

        Sherlock as a comedy….I’m probably too much of an old fuddy-duddy to tolerate such genre-swapping. Holmes r srs business. I dunno, does it seem reasonable to like comedies that start off as comedies, yet hate dramas that are turned into comedies later in their lives? Holmes is mystery. Mystery is serious. Therefore, Holmes must be serious or it’s not Holmes.

        I loved The Empty Child (BTW, I left a new comment in your last Doctor Who review, even if your vid was like months ago), but no, I do not remember the banana comment. Great episode, the clear standout of Season One, along with The Girl in the Fireplace as the clear standout of Season Two. I like Moffett’s Who work thus far, so based on that, I’m still optimistic about Seas–Series Five plus, despite all I’ve heard about it.

        • Sofie Liv

          Then you don’t want to watch “Sherlock Holmes’s smarter Brother.” a comedy written, directed and starring Gene Wilder.. being his own psykotic self.

          Well, then in a empty child, you must remember. “Go to your room!… phew, I am so glad that worked, those would have been horrible last words!”

          The Empty child is filled with humour, all around the place. “Have you seen some-thing falling from the sky?” “There’s nothing left in this univers to surprise me!” *The Tardis rings.*

          Plenty of jokes.

          “Who looks at a screw driver and says, this need to be sonic!?” “Havn’t you ever been bored???”

          • Thomas Stockel

            Don’t forget Without a Clue with Michael Caine. It’s silly, but I had a good time watching it.

  • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

    It has christopher lee in it so I’ll have to watch it

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, there are worse reasons to watch a movie.

      Lee actually also played Holmes himself ones.

      • Richard Eriksson Hjelm

        You should probably make a joke about that if you end up reviewing that movie as well

  • Nuclearademan

    Surprised I’ve never heared of this film before just from the clip shown it looks really funny.

    Speaking of Christopher Lee Sherlock Holmes films I hope you get round to the Hammer version of Hounds of the Baskervilles at some point.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, these videos certainly are a slow work in progress, so maybe we’ll get to the hammer movies eventually, they are on my list of pretty poignant Holmes movies.

      And yeah, this movie is pretty fun X)