Prince Is Throwing A Sexxxy Pajama Dance Party And We Can’t Decide What To Wear

After what was literally a Pleistocene epoch of waiting and teasing, Prince has finally finally finally dropped the full-length video for “Breakfast Can Wait” and it is fantastic. Rhythm Nation-era group dancing, a female Prince impersonator, and, of course, pancakes.

Even better than the video, however, is that Price is throwing a late night/early morning pajama party.


We’re at a loss, because we have so many sexxxy pajama choices we could wear to a pajama dance party, so you’ve really got to help us out here.

1) Sexxxy matching Coffee Lover Footie Pajamas


Because you know it is sexxxy when you AND your ladyfriend or your manfriend wear the same thing. Plus, the coffee theme is so sexxxily appropriate for breakfast!

2) Sexxxy Full-Length Flannel Nightgown


It has “feminine details” so you KNOW it keeps you sexxxy. And kinda Amish looking.

3) Sexxxy leopard print Snuggie

Prince Is Throwing A Sexxxy Pajama Dance Party And We Can't Decide What To Wear

Because it just doesn’t get any sexier, amirite? Plus, the leopard print makes it very classy indeed.

4) Batman boxers with cape


This look isn’t for everyone. You’ve got to really be extra sexxxy and classy to pull off something as hot as caped underwear.

See? These are all so very sexxxy and classy and impressive that we can’t possibly choose without your help. But hurry up, please. The party’s tomorrow!

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  • Gayer Than Thou

    Flannel nightgown is similar to what I normally wear — only not as racy as the one you’ve pictured — but I’m intrigued by the Batman panties. Is the cape in front or in the back?

  • AntiDerpomeme

    Although leopard print ANYTHING is always a sexxy choice, the Amish look is so hawt right now. At least that’s what I guess based on the bearded look from Red Sox. If you can grow your own facial accessory by tomorrow, that would be perfect.

  • Adam Ashford

    I sleep naked. I assume that will be acceptable?

  • $73376667

    Caped boxers, because fart jokes are always sexy.

  • kotz

    Caped boxers with the leopard print snuggie, of course.

  • coozledad

    Is that bat rabid, or are you struggling to tumesce?

  • Enfant Terrible

    Has it really been 30-some years since Prince lit up the stage at First Avenue in Minneapolis? Makes me feel so *old*!

  • docterry6973

    My wife goes with the flannel. That very one is her favorite. We are old.