Stop What You’re Doing And Watch These New Prince Videos Before He Changes His Mind And Takes Them Down

If Prince’s new thing is to drop teaser videos of live performances on his YouTube channel without any real fanfare, we are totally down with that. Last week, there was a blistering 2-minute guitar solo from “Something in the Water” and this week there are three more videos for your Prince-obsessing pleasure.


Up first, from a set with his rock band, 3RDEYEGIRL, here’s “Cause and Effect.” which Prince released as a single back in 2010. This little slice is from an August 2013 show in Lisbon, where approximately one million people attended.

Word to the wise: “Cause and Effect” is not Prince’s most approachable song by a long shot. When it came out, Idolator called it a “traffic jam of surf-rock-funk-metal magic.” There’s also a chunk of this video that’s nothing but call-and-response, but holy crap look at that audience!

Next up, “So Dark” from 1994’s Come. This performance, with the full New Power Generation, is from his surprise show at Paisley Park last October.

I’ve never seen Prince at Paisley, but I did see him at a very small club venue here in Minneapolis a couple years ago and it was life changing. Come at me, bro.

Finally, another bit of the Mohegan Sun show from late December. Here. he covers The Soul Children’s “The Sweeter She Is.”

And if you’re not familiar with the original, get familiar. It’s as great single from the heyday of Stax Records.

That’s it for now, but please keep us in mind for all your future Prince-related news.

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