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Based on a Korean comic, Priest takes place after a centuries-long war between humans and vampires. The Church has assumed total control of humanity, with “priests” that are actually elite vampire slayers. Paul Bettany is a veteran priest living an unassuming life, but when vampires kidnap his niece (Lily Collins), he goes to hunt them down, bringing along Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet, and plenty of cool weapons. Watch as Cecil sets a new record for the number of times the word “priest” is said in one video!

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  • Sofie Liv

    phew, that’s movie number 2 so many seem to dislike we both like.

    Cause yeah, I actually really liked and really wanted to see that sequel it is opening up to. (to take a guess it wants to be a trilogy, but that probably wont happen.)

    It’s a shame people are so harsh on these genre movies, I personally applaud any-one who goes full way like that without holding back like so many dull hollywood movies, there were maybe two or three points I can agree was sort of cheesy but the rest did made up for it. And it was never inconsistent, never confused, it knew what it wanted to be, just went for it and… It’s a blast.

    In some ways it actually reminds me of many of the anime vampire movies out there, the very stylistic but also over the top things like “Vampire hunter D” which yeas, I like… And they are movies people seem to adore and keep on shouting. “Why can’t life action movies be like this?” …. well there is, it’s right there, it’s called Priest, so what the hell guys? Is it because it lacks a operatic love story? Why have vampires become so synonymous with operatic love stories?
    Even though I myself actually like a good operatic love story, it shouldn’t be that important for a film to work or not.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      After I saw this the first time I was like…what were people complaining about?! The characters were interesting and the action was well done. The story wasn’t overly complicated and the effects were great! The whole thing took itself just serious enough and never veered off into anything dull.

      Vampire Hunter D! Great point. People want that only as a live action and here it is and they complain. Go figure. Sometimes I think people just want to dislike things for the hell of it.

      I don’t mind vampires in an operatic love story but considering that is a large portion of the vampire stories we are currently getting, I want me some over the top bloodsucker violence!

      They did so much work setting up the world for this movie I’m sure they were planning on a trilogy or at the very least a sequel. In the end I think studio meddling is what messed this one up. They delayed it from its original release date to add in 3D (a practice that they are still doing, right now with GI Joe 2), made them reduce the blood and sound effects to get a PG-13, and then had a half hearted marketing push for it. Sometimes I think the studios green light productions and then stop caring.

      • Sofie Liv

        Sigh, you know thinking about it I realise that because it lack the operatic love story it also looses the major female audience that Vampire hunter D and similar movie has.
        What can I say, lots and lots of young girls are suckers for that kind of stories, and you know what.. you can include me in that group, there’s a reason why I like Phantom of the opera so much.

        How-ever, that doesn’t make this a bad movie! It just shifts a bit around in the target audience, and as a person whom can both enjoy phantom of the opera AND terminator, I liked this.

        I honestly don’t believe it has the biggest target audience in the world, there’s no line of desperate raving fan girls waiting for such a movie, BUT it should share target audience with movies as Blade, Underworld and so on, and those movies had audiences enough to spawn out sequels, so what the hell?

        I know Underworld also has a some-what big girl fan-base, they do dig that whole vampire-werewolf love thingy. But not Blade.. so.. ?????

        Last point, you cannot underestimate the power of a devoted fan-base of raving pretentious fangirls.
        The Twilight phenomena, it exists.. point made case closed :/

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          Oh I don’t doubt the power of the Twihards, they are currently making movies like Beastly and Red Riding Hood possible. I just think that for “forbidden romance” movies they could do better than a pedo corpse and a co-dependent mopey bitch.

          For as much as I watch gore, horror, and other non-girly films I have a soft spot for genuine romance. Movies like The Notebook and yes, even Titanic. They hit me right in my soft spot.

          I’m not sure what the perfect mix is to get guys and girls into the theaters. However, I think they should just stop worrying about that and make the movie they set out to make. When you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.

          Oh and for the record I saw the broadway production of Phantom of the Opera not once but twice. It was amazing. :)

          • Sofie Liv

            and I don’t know what just happened, the site suddenly just double posted me so it was my long comment four times….

            But you know, honest to god, we should collaborate on a movie script.
            I just have a feeling it could end up quite good.

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            same thing just happened to me. Weird.

            Anyhoo, I wouldn’t be against it. My ideas are pretty out there though. I think a few would make great Asylum pictures. ^^

            In all seriousness, I have some that are pretty serious. I have one dream project that if I ever can, I’m totally directing it. The best I can describe it as is it is kind of like Clerks, which was the movie that motivated me to get into movies in the first place. It doesn’t take place in a store or anything, its more about the kind of people. A bunch of smart asses.

          • Sofie Liv

            Yeah, I got the sense that were the style you were going for.
            And Clerks is awesome, so if you can make the comedy work.

            Well, I can best describe my own writing as major “Character.” centred, I am obsessed with characters in my writing, not meaning there is many of them (as to many characters will clutter the movie and undermine those there are, they should be there for a reason,) but it’s always my beginners point, I find out whom these characters are, what they want, how they are different (I am a firm believer in that you should never have two identical characters in a movie.) And just often let them play up against each other.
            I very often am a firm believer in that a good or bad cast of characters is what decides if the movie is good or not, and as a low budget film maker.. writer, I never directed any-thing I only helped writing and of cause appeared in some of the shorts I helped with.
            Basing it around characters rather than effects helps us saving a lot of bother.

            This is such a fun example, a friend of mine whom is an director (meaning he got an education in something movie related, not sure what, but not really any job, aint that the thing :/)
            He had an old house out in the middle of absolutely no-where, it was just a house standing on a field, nothing to the front, back, left or right, and it was falling together, the tapestry was peeling off inside, leakages every-where, it really did look like a ghost house, and he said. “I want to film an horror in here, please write one for me, GO!”

            He should have given me more specific instructions than that, as he had dreamed about nude girls brewing witch brow while weird shit happened all around them Evil Dead style (not that that couldn’t have been an entertaining movie.)
            I how-ever wrote a script largely inspired from James Whale’s “The big old hous.” with two ordinary characters coming to a house in the middle of no-where where they find a bunch of weirdos, including a pale butler whom never says a word, a woman (played by me.) never shutting up but just talking in an endless stream kind of like old grannys you go visit and a man whom seems to be kind of obsessed with their dog (keeps on holding it, petting it, and wont let go.) plus some others.
            and shit starts happening.

            We ended up shooting my script regardless cause my friend liked that A; he thought it was actually funny and B; because it was so character centred he would not have to worry about effects and extra costs as he thought he would the first time around. So it would be good re-hearself for him without costing that much.

            So it was filmed, the finished product was 35 minutes long, which makes it a short (a long short), we got to show it, and people really like it :D

            So that is how I can best describe my writing style, I also like to think that I am flexible enough to take instructions and ideas, but I will always be attempting to make characters.
            In all honestly, I believe the immediate effect a scene should have on an audience trumps small continuity quirks within the movie. And good characters leads to funnier moments, more interesting time-line and more intense climax’s.

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            I would love to see that video if you have it viewable somewhere. :)

            You should see some of my old stuff. (unfortunately, lost to time and moves) I made some absolute garbage on a handheld vhs camcorder. I would love to share it but I just don’t have them anymore.

          • Sofie Liv

            I should have a copy…. some-where..

            It is in Danish though, so that spoils a lot of the dialogue from a foreigners point of view. But I like we stuffed a filter over it making the movie seem almost colourless and gritty, except some few instances where there a splashes of colours (artsy I know.) It looks.. good I guess for the budget.

            Ah yes, the time of the handheld vhs Camcorder, oh! and sitting with a big bruty editors programme cutting scene by scene.. or how you describe it, I remember it as being a hell of a lot more clunky than what I got now.
            Oh the joyus memories X)

          • MephLord

            To quote Marcie when talking to Peppermint Patty “You’re weird sir”

          • Sofie Liv

            Well, as my transitions to the video format is quite recent. (dear lord, has it almost been a year all-ready?) So it’s not filming I have worked the most with, But the stage, it’s STILL very clunky and bulky.

            Ahh, I remember the time I had to pull a big throne chair down on the street, dress my comrade up as an orch (paint him green.) put cape and dress on myself, all for the sake of comedy in honour of festival weekend. I remember that as was it yesterday!
            That’s a lie of cause, it was last Saturday silly.

          • Sofie Liv

            Not only the forbidden romance, but as I talked about in my “Journey to another world.” video, and some-one pointed it out to me, it’s also the journey of many love stories. Girl is ordinary in the ordinary world and no one understands her, special guy from a special world comes along and the girl is the one and only one, she is just so damn special that he would do any-thing for her, She is the only one able to understand him and he is the first one able to understand her… I actually feel a little sick reciting that.. sigh, but that is the dream, that is the fantasy.

            Yayness for Phantom, and here it’s done well as the Phantom is the villain and a good villain. Beauty and the beast also manages to do it really well, mostly I think that Belle A; is a sweet person actually trying to commune with the place where she is living, treating people really nice, she doesn’t go away out of selfishness but actual selflessness, and B; she always stand up for herself ones treated unfair, she does it when Gaston calls her dad crazy and she does it when the beast is an a-hole, so good character.

            To get equally many male and females in the cinema…
            Doctor Who?
            I get the sense Doctor Who’s fan base has an equally strong female and male attendance.

            But you know.. I also think on a level we should accept that people are individuals with different tastes, and yes, some movies has a wider male audience while some movies has a wider female audience.
            I don’t believe more women would have gone watching the Avengers just because the Wasp was suddenly in it or some-thing like that, but I loved the movie, so what, lets just make the movies we want to make and hope people like them. Just as you said, it should just be about making the best possible movie the creator wants to make without trying to be a crowd pleaser.

            And sorry for writing this much, but I just always enjoy talking with you about these things X)

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            Its kind of depressing that so many girls still get all up in that fantasy. I blame Disney. (not the old Disney, the new one)

            I think Doctor Who is one of those rare Scifi shows that manages somehow to attract both sides without feeling like they are catering to one or the other. Magnificent show. Buffy as well. I know plenty of guys and girls who love it. As far as movies I think the Lord of the Rings series and The Avengers.

            Too many movies try to look at target demographics, stats, test audiences, etc, etc. If they would just let the director and his crew make the movie they wanted then we would end up with so many more good films. Instead we get movies delayed a year so they could add in 3D.

            Nothing to apologize for, I enjoy chatting with you as well. You are very passionate about movies/entertainment and it comes through in your writings and episodes. :)

          • Sofie Liv

            When I was seeing the Avengers the cinema hall were largely packed with boys and the women were sparse. There are women loving the movie, but it’s mostly a male fan-base.
            Buffy does indeed have a huge female fan-base though, all though the love stories with Angel and Spike probably helped.
            If I only had a penny for every-girl I witnessed goshing over Spike -_-;

            Well, no matter how much we hate the fact, movie making is a business and making a big movie is an investment for a studio, so they will try and find the tricks and the sure ways to earn their money back, (All though there is no sure way.)
            If we want to make movies just the way we want, we shouldn’t ever move to hollywood, but just keep on making small urban things, that’s a choice many film makers have to make :/

          • MephLord

            I’m sure the Twilight fans will also go in droves to see Snow White and the Huntsman, and I’m sure that’ll be a monster summer blockbuster as well.

          • MephLord

            I’m sure the Twilight fans will also go in droves to see Snow White and the Huntsman, and I’m sure that’ll be a monster summer blockbuster as well.

          • Sofie Liv

            Dude…. Chris Hemsworth..
            If I get to gosh over Chris Hemsworth I am in, I spend the entire Thor film just crushing on the man, his lovely smile (Seriously, he smiles so genuinely from the first second you see him, and it

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            Might I redirect your attention to this photo. :)


            I was about maybe 10 feet from him when he was headed out to lunch.

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            I don’t doubt it. Thankfully I think it looks good. I guess we’ll see if Stewart can pull off anything beyond Twilight. I’ve not been impressed with any of her other performances thusfar.

      • CDiehl

        It really does seem like the studio that made this somehow lost interest in it at some point and tried to bury it. The advertising for this wasn’t so much half-hearted as not interested in making this look interesting in any way. I remember watching the trailer for this months before it came out and feeling like it had nothing interesting or original to offer. Nothing you like about this movie came through in the ads for it, which is why nobody went to see it.
        Sadly, nothing you like about this movie came through in this video, either. You can say how good this is, but none of the clips you put into this video illustrate that.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          It was on again off again with the studio for years to get this thing made. Then they delayed it for months to add 3D in post. It was Screen Gems most expensive movie to date so when they finally had the thing ready for the theater, it seemed they had burned through their marketing budget. (most likely a chunk going to the 3d post conversion)

          If they would have just played this off like a sort of Underworld offshoot it may have fared better.

          What? The crosses that turn into throwing stars wasn’t enough?! That pretty much sold me but when it comes to action movies, I am usually an easy target.

        • Tim Terrell

          That’s B.S. the trailers looked bad ass with the motorcycles and white face “familiars”, cool poses and what not. What turned people off were reviews from fan-centric shows like Brad Jones the Cinema Snob and who love movies like this and always give them a fair chance (Brad love Drive Angry for instance). These fanboys gave Priest reviews that ranged from ‘underwhelming’ to shit. And the rest of the audience used their own discretion. Don’t blame the audience or studio. I liked ‘Green Lantern’, but I am not blaming the audiences and critics for “not understanding it” or the studio for “not marketing it right”. No, GL wasn’t anyone’s cup of tea. I understand that, and I understand that there may not be a sequel because of it. It’s just a movie, and this is business. Commerce, not art.

  • MephLord

    This might be the ultimate complement for a video reviewer: You make me want to see this movie. Thanks for the recap, it looks better than I expected based on reactions I’ve read online. It’ll fit in nicely while I wait for GI Joe: Retaliation to hit the screen then the eventual Dark Knight Rises movie later in the summer.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thank you! Yes, that is what I am going for so I appreciate it. I know not everyone will agree but in the end I just want folks to give some of these movies a shot.

      The movie is quick, its only about 87 minutes so it fills that action fix while not clocking into the 120+ mark. If you like old school action movies then you really should dig this one. At the very least you’ll appreciate the style of the whole thing.

      • Sofie Liv

        Hell Boy II the golden army did the exact same thing.

        They also had a big intro sequence originally meant to be life-action but it was far to expensive for them to do so they ended up making an animated sequence as well.
        They even very smartly booked it so it was John Hurts character whom died in the first movie, that read a story out loud to Hell Boy while he was still a cut, in that way the animated sequence suddenly made sense, and as it is Guilmoro Del-toro we are talking about, it looked nice, not as cool as this, but nice :)

        Speaking of sequels we want… where’s the last Hell Boy movie? D:

        • CDiehl

          It’s in an alternate universe in which Hellboy II did really well at the box office.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          I love the Hellboy series so much but its pretty much done. Perlman is really comfortable with Sons of Anarchy and he said he won’t be coming back for a third. He said it was just too much to sit there every day and put on all that makeup and prosthetics. A bummer because he was perfect in the role.

          So, unless they replace him it looks like 2 was the last one. :(

  • The fact that animated section at the beginning of the movie was done by Genndy Tartakovsky was probably why it looks so damn cool. I can definitely see shades of Samurai Jack, but with actual blood instead of oil!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Even though it was done as a way to save on the budget (that opening would have cost millions to do if it wasn’t animated) it added a very stylistic flair to the film and actually worked. Tartakovsky has a style all his own and it is awesome.

  • glampire

    I’ve seen this movie twice but never paid much attention to the names…did they really just refer to them as “Priest” and “Priestess,” or was that a joke? Hilarious either way.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Yeah, they called him Priest and I don’t think they ever actually referred to Priestess by name (or at all actually) but that is how she is credited.

  • martin rosspaterson

    Nice review here although I HAVE to complain about a couple of things I hated about this movie. It’s nothing like the comic, i’m a big fan an really its so losely based on them its a little insulting. I mean not that the movie itself is bad and standing alone its an entertaining and enjoyable movie. But if you compare it to its ‘sourse’ matiral its apsolutely wrong.

    I mean for example the main character dubbed ‘Priest’ is called Ivan Isaac who sold half his soul to the demon Belial in echange for power to fight back 12 fallen angels that killed his beloved and left her dieing in his arms. These angels though are not the ‘we sided with Lucifa fallen’ however they in fact battled on the side of god and protected him and yet they were cast down. I oddly get the feeling its that slightly ‘gods a prick’ part of the story was where they decided, ‘well we can’t have god shown for what he is, better make it about vampires’.

    I say again its a good movie but not a valid film adaptation of the Priest comics by miles.

    • CDiehl

      I don’t think the people who made this really give half a damn about the comic book. I wouldn’t be surprised if this began its existence as an original script that was later adapted in a half-assed way into a movie of Priest. Hollywood seems to think it’s easier to sell a movie based on something else, no matter how flimsily the movie is based on it, than a movie that originated in the screenwriter’s head. It’s also possible this movie was started under someone who no longer works at that studio, and the person who replaced him didn’t care about finishing someone else’s movie. It would explain why the movie was advertised so hideously.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Wow, that sounds awesome. I think they just kind of took some basics and decided to do their own thing with it for whatever reason. I do know the film was on again off again over the years and maybe this was just the screenplay that ended up being greenlit.

      I’ve been hunting down the comics and now I am even more excited to read them. Reminds me a bit (in tone) of Preacher.

      • martin rosspaterson

        Never actually read Preacher myself but I hightly recommend Priest, the artwork is just fantastic and I personally really enjoy the characters that show up throughout the series, not to mention the main character Ivan’s personal story is richly detailed and you get a real sense of loss once his ‘beloved’ is taken from him and can see why he would make the pact.

        Although on the point of the movie, I had not know it was one of those kind of ‘on/off’ projects so I can understand it would get a little mangled over the years. Still I hope they do make a proper attemp at adapting the comic to screen, and on a personal level I hope it would be animated since I feel the ‘effect’ of the comic would be fare batter realised in that media. Like Vampire hunter D Bloodlust, if they gave Priest that level of quality I could easily see the Priest character becoming one of the titans of anime, like Ken from Fist of the north star or Alucard of Hellsing.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          I was just at Wizard World and picked up Vol. 1: Prelude for the Deceased and can’t wait to read it. Can’t believe it took me this long to jump on this series. While I enjoyed the movie I wouldn’t mind a bit if they also decided to do a more accurate version, especially in anime. Vampire Hunter D is one of my favorites along with Akira and Fist of the North Star. I’m also into Hellsing, ex-Driver, Love Hina, Strawberry Eggs, Tokko, Ikki Tousen, and way too many others.

  • Rick Babb

    Great review! I agree with you, Cecil; I love this movie and it deserves a sequel. I like how you pointed out that there’s an unrated cut to this. I’ll have to check it out. i also didn’t realize that there was no silly comic relief like in “Transformers” or any other number of action flicks. The animated sequence was AMAZING!! I knew the style looked familiar, but I’m glad you pointed out that it was done by the same director from the animated clone wars shorts. (Those were great too).
    Finally, I love Maggie Q. She’s really pretty, but she looks like she can legitimately kick a guy’s ass. And I think she does her own stunts too.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thanks! Yeah, if you can check out the unrated version. Even though it doesn’t add any new scenes, the blood and audio really adds a nice new layer to it.

      Comic relief can be good but most times the give it all to one guy who ends up just being annoying the whole film.

      Maggie Q is great, I genuinely like her. She did some stunts in this (mostly the wire fu stuff) but for the more complicated things, like swinging the rope dart, she had a double. (she kept hitting herself with it)

      • MephLord

        Fun Fact: Maggie Q voices Wonder Woman in Young Justice.

        • She does? wow! I know Wonder Woman doesn’t get many lines in that show, but I’ll have to listen more closely.

          • MephLord

            The whole voice cast of Young Justice is just insanely talented.  Not to derail this thread but Danny Trejo as Bane, Kelly Hu as Cheshire, Nolan North as Superboy, Marina Sirtis as Queen Bee, Alyssa Milano as Poison Ivy and Brent Spiner as the Joker!  Holy crap!

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            That is one of the most impressive lists of voice actors yet!

      • Sofie Liv

        I honestly think it’s about HOW you do the comic relief.

        As every-body state, Avengers is a hilarious movie, but where does the comic relief come from?
        Well, if we should pick some-one obvious we could just go ahead and say. “Iron man.” but it’s not that simple, he comic moments does come from him acting like himself, not him trying to be funny for the sake of funny.
        And cap america gets comic moments to, by acting like his own character.
        The Hulk has the funniest scene in the entire movie, and it arrives from him acting completely like the Hulk would!

        Dory from finding Nemo is probably one of the best comedic side-characters in history, if you’re asking me.
        But it’s so important to notice that she is not JUST a comic relief, she works perfectly as an opposite to Marvin allowing them to play off each other, also she is the lesson that Marvin must learn to let go and stop being such a over-protective parent, plus have fun.
        Dory is essential to the entire movie, and it’s not just for the laughs she provides. also her jokes often arrives from her personality and character rather than just petty jokes stuck in there.

        And that’s my long thoughts on the matter X)

  • Nuclearademan

    I didn’t like Priest when I watched it in the pictures it felt like a watered down version of what it originally was. I will have to check out the unrated version now because it sounds a lot better. Sadly non Twilight vampire movies don’t tend to do very well at the box office now even Daybreakers which I think is one of the most original vampire movies in a long time.

    Is it just me who thinks that Snow White and the Huntsman looks pretty good?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      They should have just released the R rated version in theaters. I can’t stand when a studio does that.

      Daybreakers was a very, very original take on Vampires but like you said, it seems right now non-sparkling vampires just don’t make bank. I hope they don’t water down Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter in the hopes of making more money, because they won’t.

      Snow White and the Huntsman looks bery good but I’m worried about the Stewart part because she is terrible. She could drag the whole thing down.

      • Nuclearademan

        Well I think the producers agree with you about Kristen Stewart because the trailer focus mostly on Charlize Theron who is a much better actress. So hopefully the movie will also focus more on her and Chris Hemsworth while Stewart will be more in the background but on the poster so they can get Twilight fans to go and see it.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          Yeah, they didn’t push her nearly as much as Chalize and Hemsworth in the ad campaigns. Although the movie still did very well this weekend and from what I hear it was quite entertaining. Stewart’s acting supposedly was much better in this but I’ll believe it when I see it.

          • FullofQuestions1

            1) Outside of Twilight, Kristen Stewart is actually really good. In fact, before I actually saw Twilight, it surprised me that people were saying she was a terrible actress as I thought she was brilliant in “Speak.”
            2) Honestly, I don’t see how you can say the lines in the Twilight script well, so I think the writing was at fault more than anything- Robert Pattison is terrible in it, but I’ve really liked him in other things.
            3) What did you think of Dark Shadows (yes, I know you’re sick of remakes)?

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            1) I’ve seen her in a few things and while she isn’t as flat as she is in Twilight, I still don’t get her appeal. I think she is mediocre at best.

            2) If I ever become filthy rich (like Oprah rich) I want to see if Twilight can be done, only good.

            3) Honestly, I’m not interested. I gave up on Burton a few movies back. I just see the trailers for this and I just feel nothing. Same for Frankenweenie.

            On a side note about Frankenweenie, I’m starting to think he thinks if he keeps making movies in the style of Nightmare before Christmas that maybe he will convince himself that he directed it. (he didn’t Henry Selick did but he’s been taking credit for it for years)

          • MichaelANovelli

            For what it’s worth, I thought Dark Shadows was perfect!  My favorite movie so far this year!

          • FullofQuestions1

            I loved it too. The Alice Cooper jokes were brilliant.

            I haven’t seen many movies this year (I have to wait a month after a movie comes out before I go into a theater- Tourette’s), but for me, Dark Shadows is a runner up to The Hunger Games.

          • MichaelANovelli

            Hunger Games had a little too much shaky-cam for my tastes…

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            I had a conversation with an idiot the other day who thinks that shaky cam makes movies more realistic. I hate it because you can never tell what the hell is going on.

          • FullofQuestions1

            I would mind the shaky cam in The Hunger Games, but it’s what kept it from getting an R rating.

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            I want to see the Hunger Games but I’m going to read the book first. Probably by the time it comes out on DVD I’ll be finished the book.

            There’s a few movies I’m looking forward to like Prometheus, Dredd, Silent Hill Revelations, Expendables 2, and Resident Evil Retribution but the one I’m really excited about is Bait. I love the concept and think if they do it right it will be a blast.

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            I have heard good things about it and I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, I’m just tired of Burton’s current wave of movies. I’ll always give him a shot though because he has made two of my all time favorite movies…Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Ed Wood.

  • Tim Terrell

    “No..It’s just beginning” Well I guess we gotta get ready for Priest 2…not.

    Why wasn’t it popular? Well let’s see, maybe it is because the audience wasn’t excited about the same old Clint Eastwood type character that goes into the wasteland to fight the invincible Man In Black character,and in the process, is thwarted by the System/Church, who want to keep the head in the sand about the “truth about vampires”.(That last part we’ve seen in John Carpenter’s Vampires, among other things.)

    As for those other sequels that you had to “suffer through”..well. You DIDN’T have to suffer through them. The fact is, they all had bigger audiences that supported those sequels. That you make an argument for a Priest sequel just because movies that YOU don’t like got sequels is laughable.

    Priest’s budget was 60 million and it tanked domestically 30 million (80 worldwide). It fucking tanked.

    Oceans Eleven cost 85 mil and brought in 183 mil (450 mil worldwide). That justifies sequels, both of which made healthy profits. The Legally Blonde movies cost 18 and 45 mil respectively and brought in 96 and 90 mil domestically. LB movie profits quadrupled and doubled their budgets! And you should not have even mentioned The Pirates movies, because “Priest” can’t justify a sequel compared to the business POTC did. And that is what the movie business is first. A business. They have enough flops without trying to support a proven one like Priest.

    Even the ‘Tooth Fairy’ made a profit. The budget was 48 million. It has a domestic take of 60 million with a worldwide box office of 112 million. Way better box office performance than Priest. And even that profit for TF was considered so minimal, that the STRAIGHT TO VIDEO sequel’s budget was only 10 percent of the originals. So there you have it. If Priest ever deserves a sequel (it does not) then it should be straight to video with a budget of 10 million dollars. LMFAO. (I am defending the sequels to those movies and the decision not to do Priest 2 based on a BUSINESS standpoint, not an artistic one.)

    One last thing to consider: The audiences of the mainstream movie sequels you listed are NOT the same audiences for Priest, so it wasn’t even right for you to bring them up in the first place. Those mainstream audiences put up with hackneyed shit like Tooth Fairy. The science fiction-comic book- superhero-horror-fantasy-action, and most importantly, CINEMA loving crowd (who were this movie’s target audience) is tired of by-the-numbers shit like this.

    • Tim Terrell

      And I know someone will say “oh dude calm down. it isn’t that serious” You are right it isn’t. I just can’t believe when someone defends a formulaic movie like this by saying “but that horrible movie gets a sequel! Why can’t my horrible movie get a sequel?” Because THAT shitty movie earned it’s keep. If they make a sequel to a movie that performed like Priest, it’s like throwing good money out for bad.

      • Cecil_Trachenburg

        First off, the last bit was a joke. What I was pointing out was that all of those movies were pretty “by the numbers” movies and got sequels. Yes, they made way more money than Priest by they also had much better marketing budgets.

        I wouldn’t mind it getting a direct to video sequel. Hell, Wrong Turn 2 was a direct to video sequel and that kicked ass. Now granted, that was something they were able to do on a much smaller scale so budget wasn’t a huge issue. I wouldn’t mind if they went and made a completely animated sequel. That way they wouldn’t be hindered by anything. They could do a giant vampires vs humans war and have it on an epic scale.

        I recognize that there may be a limited audience for this sort of thing but then why did they take the chance in the first place? They were hoping to start a new franchise.

        Did it bring anything new to the table? Not much. Was is an entertaining movie about kung fu priests fighting vampires? For me and a few others, yes.

        Oh and as far as it not being right for me to bring up those
        “mainstream” movies in the first place? Well, they were playing in the
        same “mainstream” theaters that Priest was.

        So you thought the movie was shitty, fine. I liked it. I guess you think only movies that make money are good? How’s Transformers treating you?

        On a side note all of these bombed at the box office.

        Fight Club
        Office Space
        Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
        Scott Pilgrim vs The World
        Man on the Moon
        Big Trouble in Little China
        Donnie Darko
        Glengary Glen Ross
        The Big Lebowski
        Blade Runner
        The Wizard of Oz
        Citizen Kane

        But I guess all those movies sucked too. 

        • Tim Terrell

          Donnie Darko sucked donkey dick and Tron (1982) was boring. But yes, most of those movies rock an elephant’s ass. BTW none of them got an official sequel either. (except Tron….30 years later! And Return to Oz don’t count). But as much as they were loved, they all had something Priest and other movies that were primed for a sequel didn’t have: A large group of people who actually LOVE them. The people who like most of those movies (like Grindhouse and Heathers) are a niche audience. A certain type of film lover, and even they didn’t like Priest. And you inferring that I liked Transformers just because I defended capitalism in Hollywood and the right of movie companies to make movies that actually make them money OR at the very least make movies that get critical praise and a a significant following like Scott Pilgrim smacks of desperation in this little debate. Priest fits neither category by the way. It’s as bad a Transformers, without the money, a big a flop as Scott Pilgrim without being good. It made me think of Judge Dredd (1996).

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            So you didn’t like Donnie Darko or Tron. Too bad they are great movies. Donnie Darko is an interesting take on time travel and Tron was revolutionary in terms of visuals and still stands up today.

            Anyway, no, none of the films I mentioned had sequels in a timely manner. (Blade Runner is currently getting one as well) My point being that sometimes movies aren’t appreciated when they are first released. Sometimes it can take years for them to develop cult status. I like how you accuse me of being desperate but then have the gall to speak for all film lovers and say none of them like Priest. If you look in this page alone you’ll see that’s not true.

            As for mentioning Transformers, I was just pointing out by your logic that it must be a great film since it made so much money.

            You’d be right in thinking Priest was similar to Judge Dredd, the main cities in the film were obviously inspired by Mega City. Oh and since you mentioned it, I will be doing an episode on the vastly underrated Judge Dredd as well.

            The bottom line is this. Priest made about 78 million in its run worldwide. Add in DVD sales and income from cable and that’s another 10 million or so. Not a hit but at least they didn’t take a loss. There have been movies that just barely made their money back and got sequels. I liked the movie and think it deserves a second helping even if it is direct to DVD. Is it going to happen? Probably not.

          • MephLord

            If we compile a list of terrible movies that got a billion sequels I can name a few:
            Nemesis, Witchcraft (is there no end to them?), Police Academy (seriously not funny, but the cartoon was not bad), and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

            Other series also had a lot of sequels but those are pretty well known horror staples like Hellraiser, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, and have been discussed to death already.  One series I never get tired of watching is the Hitcher, a guilty pleasure movie and even the remake was pretty entertaining.

            The one movie that is better than it should’ve been was Timecop.  I also quite liked Showdown in Little Tokyo and the Forsaken.

  • SaideHeldberg

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