VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act Zero (2005)

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Nycea’s back with the birth of Sailor V, updates on Hina, and Tuxedo Mask’s childhood memories!

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • Animikean

    Nice to see you’re centered again, happiness > entertainment

    One of my favorite bits was a quote from you all the way back in episode 1 “Fun fact – this was actually filmed in a children’s hospital, isn’t that nice? Yeah, and as an added bonus they let the kids animate the show” still funny and still true ;)

    • Magdalen

      I had forgotten about that one! Hehe, one of the few jokes I still find funny after I upload. XD

      • JD

        welcome back

  • The_Stig

    Welcome back, Mags! Glad to see you’ve taken time from vigorously watching the CRAP out of Game Grumps to not forget us :)

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Welcome back Mags and welcome back to PGSM.
    I think, I don’t have ONE particular favourite moment, but among these are the possessed Mr. Manager trying to hunt Usagi and flailing his arms around like crazy (because that was soooo strange), the moment in Minakos death-episode, in which she enters the white light (because that was one of the saddest moments in the show) – although I think the whole “Goodbye Minako”-Episode has some really strong moments in it – the moment in Act 21, where Ami gets turned (because that was a serious ‘Holy-Frak-this-is-going-to-hurt’-Moment). and the moment in that one episode wher they all are fighting on the rooftop, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are thrown over, falling down and Sailor Moon starts to sing (because somehow that was sweet – and your reaction to Sailor Moons singing and Tuxedo Mask telling her that it was beauftiful, was definitely priceless).

    So, those are my favourite moments.

  • $36060516

    My favorite PGSM moment was when you came back and posted this episode. High five!

  • danbreunig

    Seems like a lifetime ago already (dude, I get nostalgic about anything just one year previous, this is no different), but glad to see both Nycea and PGSM back in fine form. I hope you enjoyed your internet break and some new peace of mind.

    I haven’t got a thought-time list this time around–would you mind, Jay Bay?–just that Usagi channeling Pinkie Pie while calling Minako would be my favorite moment of this lost episode. Priorities, yes. The runner up would be Artemis’ not-as-grand-as-you-would-think-this-character-requires entrance. And then we kinda get an origin story for Motoki’s turtle too.

    Too many favorite moments to choose from, but this one sticks out for me:
    Motoki is crushing innocently but heavily on Makoto for so long like a child unaware of how much a broken crush hurts. Yet when she does understandably turn him down he unexpectedly has the grace to accept it and wish her the best anyway–an unexpected but pleasant 180 turn. Just the right amount of heart, love it.

  • Jay_Bay

    Just a moment here. Before I write another THOUGHT TIME yet again, as its own entry this time, I just wanna say glad to have you back Nycea. A little bit of time to get yourself back on center is needed for everyone every now and again. And before I talk myself into saying something stupid, I just stop it there.

    For my favorite moment, I got plenty. Anything with Makoto, Usagi’s mom, HIPSTER GLASSES, ignoring the big “cat” in the room sort to speak, Magda, and so much more. But the one I will say that freaking surprise me is the Darkury arc. For a show that is almost solely based on selling some gawdy toys, that arc was surprisingly well done. Yes, it was the “classic” good girl gone bad, but it didn’t do much of what we expect from that meme…trope..whatever you call that. It actually, as a stand alone arc, showed depth…a generous amount of depth. We go from Ami getting captured, to her turning evil, to her struggling against, to finally getting free…and most importantly, we get her feeling remorse and eventually redemption. I mean this is on par with some of the other toku shows that I seen.

    Also, DAT DARKURY OUTFIT…freaking boss!

    • JD

      yea that outfit was rockin

  • Jay_Bay

    THOUGHT TI…*cough* *cough*. Man it’s been a while.

    GAME GRUMPS….ON THE TV? But how? Oh yeah, HDMI. Duh.
    That’s not Silent Night, that’s some Parsel tongue jibberish if I ever hear it.
    So cat…Minako’s face. Pussycat…Minako’s face. There is a joke here, I just not smart enough to figure it out.
    Minako broke the 4th wall, better call She Hulk for repairs. Also, if the Scouts were already down on Earth, why do Artemis (and eventually Luna) just now come down?
    Ok, since Sailor V is just now getting invented, I think, where did Artemis get the outfit from? Does he get it out of his ass like the Abridged series? I miss the Abridged series.
    Man, that knife is SOOOOO IMPRESSIVE!
    So, we just not gonna ask where that tree bra….limb came from?
    Well I thought Usagi’s mom said Cubans. I guess she like a good puff every now and again…from a cigar. Pervs.
    Why are the Shitentou cops? Why is Jadeite in a dress? But I agree, he really is rocking them pumps.
    In the beginning, Matoki places the turtle into his home. And there was much rejoicing *YAY!*
    I swear, Mamarou loves that cape twirl. Hell, I like to do a good cape twirl every now and again.
    Were the evil henchwomen the Kamen Rider Girls? Nah, it can’t be.
    Usagi’s fandom knows NO BOUNDS!
    So…is that head evil dude named Cutey? Not judging, but it is peculiar.
    Sailor “K”, what kind of pose was that? It looked like a messed up t
    Ok, the other “Sailors” only use their initial, but Usagi uses her name because it means rabbit. Oh Usagi.
    Ok, the tension is at a fever pitch, anticaption levels are off the charts. So how can we capitalize on it…let’s slow it down for a magic show with basic magic tricks. *slaps forehead* BAKA!
    Couldn’t Cutey, with all his money, get a better boombox? I’m just saying.
    JESUS CHRIST! What was that kick from V all about? You guys see that. She almost broke herself in half trying that “Sailor Kick” out.
    That whole “Hina Afterwards” skit was just disturbing…like all the way.
    Well…at least young Mamarou didn’t run into a clown. I mean, they all float down here.
    Hey, I tried to do the Power Rangers movements to see if I can transform when I was little…and older…and just last week. DON’T JUDGE ME!
    Tuxedo Kamen has the best henshin out of the whole show. Also, for the ladies, DAT MAMAROU ASS!
    Ok, that magician is scaring me a little. Time to end this.

    So I guess the “Special” Act is the last thing left. Or are you covering the stage shows? Oh well, whatever the case, I bid you all arrividutchie.

    • JD

      those girls were about as usefull in a fight

      as Tuxedo mask

      • TiakerAvelonna


  • Guest

    Act Zero is almost like they filmed a bunch of crazy fan fic. Awesome fan fic, but still crazy.

  • cavalier 24601

    Act Zero was an interesting mix of crazy and awesome. It kind of looks like they adapted a bunch of crazy fan-fic.

    I do really like Usagi’s mom, in part because you can totally see Usagi being like that as an adult. Dark Mercury was fascinating as a character piece.

    Can my favorite part of PGSM be you reviewing them? Your double wave always makes me smile. Glad you’re back.

  • Dani(elle)

    Favorite part of PGSM – “new” species of turtle! Because Mokoto and Motoki are adorable.

  • It is lucky for Minako that Artemis is made out of felt, otherwise him falling from that height could have caved her face in.

  • jjramsey

    Glad to see that you’re Back in Black … er, or whatever other color you’d prefer.

  • JD

    YEA ! your back.
    Atrimus ha s a strange way of searching for people. dropping from a great height onto a girls face seems to be a time consuming way to look for someone specific. all that climbing back up you know

    • danbreunig

      About as efficient as throwing guys out of windows to see who’s the real Puma Man.

  • JD

    was Cuty Mr Manager?
    Hmm now that i think about it
    maybe it was the Mcdushy actor guy Usagi was working for to get ticket to londen

  • JD

    My favorite moment was : All of it. No wait
    Episode 5

    were Ami has to come clean about trying to hard to be a friend.

    or any Usagis Mom Moment. either way

  • TiakerAvelonna

    YOU’RE BACK!! *Tacklehuggle*

    *Cough* Sorry. >.>

    Whoever is on that video you’re watching at the start sounds really, really, really familiar.

    I’m gonna ruin things (as usual) by pointing out that Act Zero was produced after the show, which gave them plenty of time to create all of those damn in-jokes.

    No, Hina…that’s not healthy at all. For either of you. Oo

    Troll Mamoru is the best Mamoru.

    Also, hi JD and Dan and Jay_Bay!

    • JD

      hello to you

    • Jay_Bay

      bonjovi….i mean holas.

      • JD

        and bad music :)

    • danbreunig

      And hi back. Feels like old times. Like four months old.