VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 40”

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Minako and Rei face off in a bizarre competition to win the next big pop song.

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • JD

    Really Usagi? A calculator?, against Ami Chan? doing math? even your not that dumb.
    Next week is a turtle heavy episode.

    • Jason Withrow

      “Next week is a turtle heavy episode.”

      Which is the greatest ad I could have imagined, I think.

    • Here’s hoping it’s a heavy turtle episode, bigger is better after all. 😀

  • danbreunig

    Fan service easily breeds fan fiction. Just you wait.

    • TiakerAvelonna

      This series is the reason I ship Minako/Rei.

  • Sailor Moon says: “It doesn’t count as hebephilia if the actress playing the role is of legal age”.

  • TiakerAvelonna

    Huh. I had that pegged for FF music even before you said it. And I’ve played almost no FF games (IV and about five minutes of VII now that it’s on PC). And, honestly? I think it works better than the song in the show (appropriately titled Kiss! Bang!).

    The only comments about the photo shoot I have are these:
    1. …is that a violin bow? Oo

    2. Jungle Boogie? WTF?

    Hrm…I had a different interpretation of the reason Minako doesn’t want to undergo the surgery, but as I can’t find any proof, I will accede to your knowledge.

    Yes. Many, many turtles to come next time. Also some srs bsns.

    • JD

      Best turtle moment is next week.

    • Magdalen

      SPR SRS.

      • TiakerAvelonna

        It actually gets pretty damn dark from here on out. Thank goodness for the turtles.

        • JD

          Turtle > Darkness.

          • TiakerAvelonna


  • CaptainCalvinCat

    I like, how all those silly. little games the “kid”s had to play turn out to be rather essential in ballet-fu later on. ^^

  • Jay_Bay

    Hey…..ummm, I’m awake. So THOUGHT TIME! (god, I miss bed)

    Oh yeah, the world’s functions are tied to a lovesick teenager. Great….
    Artemis don’t care about the environment. That dirty polluter.
    Nice Hello Kitty notepad (yeah, it’s weak.. But I just woke up. Just run with it.)
    Whoa!!!!! DAT ASS….also, I know the actress was 19 here, but she’s portraying a 14 year old (I think). Is that still kosher?
    What on Earth do you mean? We are always classy here in PGSM Summaries….club? Group? Whatever, FAN SERVICE!
    I want to apologize…..NOW I am getting vibes of MXC.
    Just caught a glimpse of Ami in her Hipster Glasses. Where have they been lately?
    Sumo wrestling, because Japan.
    I for one is happy it is just powder and not a form of goo. KEEPING IT CLASSY!
    I was just wondering who was actually paying for all that game show stuff. And that jacket is so fierce.
    Final Fantasy battle theme…..why not. LET’S ROLL!
    They are fighting Scream dudes, why?
    So Rei and Minako, I know you guys are having a heart to heart. But your friends….Youma….the Earth continuing, oh screw it

    Ok, that’s done. Now heading to work. Also, yeah I got nothing cuz work and school is crushing on my mind. So no terrible poetry from me. Be relieved.

    • JD

      So classy

    • Magdalen

      Hey you know you’re right. If a balloon filled with white goo had exploded on her head- this episode would be way more like the rest of the internet.

      • JD

        i thought were were supposed to stay classy?

        • Magdalen

          Oh, I just got sassed in my own comment thread. Damn.

          • JD

            glad i could help

        • “You cannot spell class without ASS”, that’s what my great grandpappy used to always say.

          • JD

            grandpappys always have the best sayings.

          • Jay_Bay

            Especially in this episode, amirite? So damn classy are us…

  • JD

    Sailor Moon Says: You Stay Classy San Diago