VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 37”

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Uploading from Idaho! Usagi sleepwalks off the show, and the girls struggle to cover it up.

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • danbreunig

    When I saw the accidentally-on-purpose technical flub near the start I had a Gremlins 2 moment all over again. It’s the point in the middle of the movie where it looks like the film slowed and jarred to a stop, and a few seconds later the Gremlins themselves messed with movie in a rare fourth-wall moment. But I was panicking because at first I thought my old VCR really ate the rental tape (this was before DVDs) and then I’d owe someone. So…”just kidding”…um, yeah.

    “Oh what the heck–get that kid out of the shot!” Finally, someone said it!

    Luna at 2:58–the single most “anime” moment I’ve seen in this whole series yet.

    Queen Metalia/Metaria as a giant battery…recharging anyone who taps into her… Freudian imagery?

    Did the budget run so low that they had an actual day-for-night shot?!

    Sailor Moon says: We’re starting to wind down, folks. Yeah, I couldn’t think of one either.

    I’m digging the pigtails, especially the ketchup & mustard color scheme. Kinda like Weird Harold’s socks.

    Glad to see you back from yet one more break, Nycea. That whole other situation about Blip is still making me nervous.

    • TiakerAvelonna

      “Did the budget run so low that they had an actual day-for-night shot?!”

      Yes. Yes, they did. And there are plenty more instances of it.

      • JD

        that alway’s disturbed me, i mean even i could have done better editing.
        there had to have been plenty of day shots of the girl using the ballet karate

        • TiakerAvelonna

          I was gonna say it could be due to how young the girls were, but they wouldn’t have filmed at all at night. Unless it was the weekend, I suppose.

  • Mike Smith

    WOW! T-Rex, time travel and other things up in Idaho!!! What a week!!!

  • JD

    Ewww omelets with avocado sauce?
    looks extremely nasty
    and welcome back again Nycea

  • JD

    looks like all the girls were was cosplaying this week
    Ami and Makoto dress as Usagi
    Rei is Rainbow Dash “again!”
    and Minako is back in her Oklahoma State Cheerleader outfit.
    And Usagi’s Mom is still cray cray.

    • TiakerAvelonna

      Yeah, but it’s a kind of awesome cray-cray.

      • JD

        Yes it is. but she needs to ditch the avocado sauce on egg recipe.
        Due to national security reasons.

        • TiakerAvelonna


      • danbreunig

        That she is–although that little hip swivel she did seemed more flirty than cray. Or maybe that IS cray for her.

      • JD

        And in 2 episodes we get a Usagi mom heavy episode.

        • TiakerAvelonna

          Which, against what I just said, is an episode I don’t really care for.

          • JD

            I liked it

          • TiakerAvelonna

            …we can’t be friends anymore. :P

          • danbreunig

            Here, birthday cake makes anything a little better. [offering a small cake] Apparently the Scouts didn’t finish theirs.

          • JD

            dang :)

        • JD

          i liked it

  • TiakerAvelonna

    That was a great ending. Loved the not-so-subtle scooting away from the camera.

    You missed the great part where Makoto has to hold her nose and jump around like a fool to sound/seem like Usagi. And am I the only one who enjoys Ikuko-Mama? Yes? OK then. >.>

    • JD

      That was funny

  • Jay_Bay

    Back from class and THOUGHT TIME AHOY!!!

    T-Rexs and Time Travel? *cue up the Meet the Robertsons clip*
    That is true about the awaken powers of the others, but none of them have ANOTHER ENTITY LIVING INSIDE THEM. So, that’s a pass.
    That’s a good question. How can they be two Queens?
    Damn, can Serenity tone down the flash on her possession? My eyes took 3 mins to adjust afterwards.
    Good to know that the hatred of Sailor Luna continues. But I ask you all this, at this point in the story, would you rather have Sailor Luna or Chibi Moon?
    Eggs with avacado? Excuse *barfs in a nearby bucket* oh, excuse m….where did this bucket came from?
    Wow, Ami looks damn good with those pigtails. -random Chris Hansen appears- I know, I’m just gonna sit over there.
    Wait, pajamas under the pajamas. A Paja….you know what, I think that joke has died somewhat.
    Ok, the over/under on whether the mom truly don’t know her own child or is playing along with them cuz at least she has the smart daughter (that blurb about missing contacts doesn’t count)
    Flipping the contrast on Makoto makes her look like the child of Mr. Popo….that’s a bad thing -nightmares-
    Umm, not complaining, but why is Rei dressed up like Rainbow Dash?
    Nephrite’s back? SWERVE!!!!!
    So, random question to all, but how did the Earth came back from destruction last time?
    So….does that make Queen Beryl a Metalia Lantern?
    Dude, how did they steal those puttie costumes from the Super Sentai vault?
    So, Sailor Moon says TRASH THE PLANET! Interesting choice, I say.

    Man, I need to rest after this. Too many swerves hurt the head…..ow

    • JD

      Ill just be over here with Jay and chris thinking about Ami in pigtails :)

  • cavalier 24601

    That was some serious mood whiplash. We go from Usagi’s mama’s craziness to heavy exposition, to action, to a very heavy reveal. Wow.

    Also, very glad you’re back. I totally flip when I see your videos in my news feed.

    Also also, Usagi’s mom is a serious Genki Girl. Think I’m in love.

    • Magdalen

      There we go, mom’s need love too!

      • danbreunig

        And you got all our love.

  • The_Stig

    Sailor Moon says: Don’t destroy planets. If you destroy planets YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE A BAD TIME.

  • Endorenna

    I’m so excited your reviews are back! Watching always just…makes me happy inside. :) They’re always fantastic. Despite Luna. Which takes some doing.

    Great review! I look forward to the next one!

  • I thought the only Sailor capable of destroying planets was Sailor Saturn.

    • JD

      I think thats only for the later story arcs.