VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 36”

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PGSM Summaries is finally back, just in time for the appearance of Princess Sailor Moon!

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • Jay_Bay

    Not gonna say that we were obsessively waiting for you to return like some crazed fanboys/fangirls, but…

    J/K. Welcome back and -confetti-

    • TiakerAvelonna

      I’ll say that. Nycea knows I’m weird anyway, so I might as well. :D

  • The_Stig

    Welcome back, Magdalen. Super Saiyan reference, let’s see….


  • danbreunig

    Let me be the third to say:

    WELCOME BACK NYCEA! …and Sailor Moon and Company, too…

    Hope there wasn’t too big a setback with the computer issues.

    There’s been rather a lot more anime reviewed very recently on the Booth since your absence began (nearly a whole month ago), but this was the one I kept waiting for–and the payoff really paid off.

    So…did RavenClawGirl29 win twice now?

    Teen romance montage + wise youth with terminal illness + Mom over-interested in daughter’s love life =
    After School Special.

    Were there originally 40 odd episodes to this series? Because it sure feels like it now that we’re on 36 and it’s getting closer to a head.

    Class reunion of 90% of the principal cast…let the showdown commence!!!

    Most…righteous…asskicking…from the main hero…against the main villain…even with all goons at the ready…with the hero far more advanced since the series started…and gambling with lives both intimate and universal…and one major character officially killed off…and villain winning despite earnest battle on the hero’s part…and deep enough struggle to warrant an even bigger finale soon after…….

    I’m…drowning in so much good right now… Much. Too. Awesome.

    If there’s ever a character who can combine SheRa and Voltron, it’s gotta be Sailor Moon.
    (“I am Sailor Moon!” [voiced in reverb] “Form blazing sword!” [doing just that])

    So does this episode prove that Beryl is just one more female main villain driven by past jilted love? I must’ve missed something because she seems so much deeper than that. Then again this is the most SM exposure I’ve ever had–and I still love it!

    Hm, custom art prints…I may take you up on that offer…

    Oh and Jay Bay–I hope you don’t mind me following your example with the list-style comments. I’m just trying to cover many points in short time, hence the list. Not that I haven’t made longer ones in other forums.

    Eager for more.

    • Jay_Bay

      No worries. We are all Mooninites here. Or Moonies, whatever.

      • danbreunig

        Ah, thanks. Plus the Mooninites are the two 8-bit alien guys from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

        • Jay_Bay

          I love those foul mouthed lil fuckers.

        • JD

          a wierd but awesome show.
          mabey she can review ATHF after PGSM

          • danbreunig

            I’d love to see someone tackle that show on this site. Although I’m not sure if her criteria involves strictly anime.

  • Yurifan

    Welcome back! Thanks for working so hard on such an excellent review series :)

  • Mike Smith

    Welcome back, Nycea! We’ve missed you all!!!

  • Jason Withrow

    Welcome back, Nycea! And in the opposite direction: nooo, Nephrite, don’t go! How could you leave us? …before properly resolving any shipping subplots with Mercury?

    On the bright side, Sailor Moon has trumped the apparent Big Bad with 13 episodes to go, which can only mean things are going to get bigger before they dry up. Well. I’d hope.

  • JD

    Welcome Back !!!!!

  • JD

    really Usagi? i know that’s just what every 14 year old girl dreams her 1st boyfriend buys her,a pocket watch.
    How do you accessorize a pocket watch anyway?
    Usagi’s mom is truly awesome

    • Jay_Bay

      With a very fancy hankerchief

    • Magdalen

      How about a monocle? Girls should where more monocles.

      • danbreunig

        Give me a monocle over flipflops any day.

      • JD

        no, Just no.
        unless, are there hipster style monocles?

  • JD

    poor nephrite

  • Jay_Bay

    THOUGHT TIME COMING BACK WITH MAX FORCE…..or a soft whimper. Your choice.

    Ah. The wonderful air headed bliss of Usagi. So comforting to watch.
    I imagine all of the Soldiers as Queen Beryl’s Pokemans. It’s funnier that way.
    Well, if that is not the most obvious mom living thru daughter situation, I don’t know what is
    That was a very sappy dating montage…..why do I like it so?
    Nice terribly sad advertisement you did there, Nycea.
    Fuck yeah Mopeds! Like…..ScoutPeds or…..I get back to you on the name.
    I seen this rock quarry somewhere….on the tip of my tongue. Oh well.
    Oh. Making the Shitennou commit seppuku on themselves. I thought you was talking about her boobs.
    Ok, this is maybe just me. But when Sailor Moon went into her other persona, her face like suddenly shift. It was a lot in the overall scheme of things, but it was noticable to notice change. That’s good talent.
    I’m just imagine the annoucer from Gokaiger announcing her henshin. Sailor Moon, Princess MOOOOODDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEE!
    Hey Queen Beryl. You seen the face on Serenity there. That’s the face of “I’m gonna fuck you up nasty”. Run woman!
    Dafuq Beryl, you gonna need another bod…I mean Nephrite to shield you from Serenity.
    Wait….Nephrite’s last name is Johnson. I was pegging him as a Jones, myself.
    Next week is gonna get funny weird. Ami is dressed up like Usagi and Usagi’s Mom comes in. $5 says she doesn’t notice.

    Nothing like watching some PGSM Summaries to cleanse the palette from all the cop killing, bank robbing, and stripper banging in GTA 5, amirite?

    • JD

      nothing like it at all

  • Jay_Bay

    Also, I miss the TURTLE LOVE.

  • I think I understood why Serenity and Endymion couldn’t be together, but other than the whole jailbait thing, I don’t see why Usagi and Mamoru getting together would destroy the Earth as they’re not anyone important in this life.

    • TiakerAvelonna

      Wait for it; they’ll reveal it. :D

      • Jay_Bay

        I hope its not a sexual Big Bang like Superman/Wonder Woman in the Dark Knight Strikes Again….cuz that would be silly.

        Or was that the Dark Knight Returns….I dunno which one, but the point still stands. Silly.

        • JD

          Very silly

      • Magdalen

        I know, I’m so excited. :B

        • TiakerAvelonna

          It’s a very “Oh shit son” moment.

  • $36060516

    Congratulations on fixing the computer woes. You stomped those problems down like Nephrite Johnson!

  • JD

    Sailor Moon Says:
    Never try to steal the boyfriend of a 14 year old girl with super powers.

    • TiakerAvelonna

      You win.

  • TiakerAvelonna

    Great to have you back. Good to see that your computer problems are solved.

    I don’t get it. Did anyone else have trouble saying their first boyfriend’s name? I didn’t. And apparently yelling down the street is embarrassing?

    JD, this is the new character I was referencing a few episodes ago.

    • JD

      Oh the princess ?
      I never had a problem saying my 1st gfs name.
      and shouting “hey!” at a busy mall is kinda embarrassing
      but he bought her the watch anyway so who knows

      • Jay_Bay

        I dont give a fuck. If Im hollering at ya, you better turn around -smack- ow

        • TiakerAvelonna

          Heh; I’m the same way. I need you for something, so get your punk ass over here. :P