VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 30”

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Mio tricks Usagi into putting on a live concert. Little does she know the entertainment was never scheduled!

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • JD

    I know Minako probably wasn’t really singing but it would like to hear her do Crazy on You.
    to see if she really has any chops. And were was the cowboy hat? Not a proper Jpop singer with out a cowboy hat

    • TiakerAvelonna

      That actually is the actress’ singing. She also has a credible English-only song. I don’t think she has the chops to do Crazy on You, but she’s good.

      • JD

        ill take your word for it. but that song was god awful. or maybe its i dont understand Japanese

        • TiakerAvelonna

          It is a bit bad. Her other songs are better. It’s probably supposed to sound all chirpy and J-poppy.

        • J. J. Ramsey

          Remember that PGSM has a budget of a scrap of tin foil and two bottle caps, so that would discourage hiring another singer (money!) and then dubbing over the actress for Minako (time *and* money!). Also, IIRC, it’s actually fairly common for Japanese shows to have actors do songs for the show.

          • JD

            they had enough money for turtle suits they can at least write decent lyrics.

  • Jay_Bay

    -ahem- THOUGHT THYME….wait

    Damn you Duela, damn you to the hells.

    I hope those tickets aren’t for Ninja Turtles on Ice -shudder-

    Smooth Motoki, smooth as silk.

    Oh shit, I forgot all about Melvin….eh, don’t see it.

    Damn, how did Kunzite and Jadeitie find Hogwarts?

    Cm’on…The Prince outfit is so full of swag it is off the charts, yo. Also, MJ wore it better.

    That’s right Naru, don’t fall for any of Duela’s tricks….oh. Oh my damn. That stare gave me menstrual cramps, and I’m a dude. Also, this just adds to my theory that teenage girls are the cruelest of God’s creatures.

    Who knew Duela is such a master manipulator.

    And that song…..oh dear.

    Did I say that I love those spacial messages added into the scenes. Cuz I do.

    Fangirl LEVEL UP!

    Geez, Duela. Just give it up…..oh goddamnit.

    And the villain lives to fight another day. Such is the ways of superheroing.

    Oh snap, a Motoki episode….HELLS YEAH!!!!

    And more of Jupiter being badass…..DOUBLE HELLS YEAH!!!

    Alright, that’s done and head to bed.

    • JD

      Your name is Melvin?…
      reminds me of the wedding scene in Men in Tights. :)

  • …and here I thought that season one Mio from K-on! was annoying…

  • Jason Withrow

    Who is that ominous music playing for in the movie ticket scene, the guy raving over turtles or the woman who left her ability to give a damn in her other skin coat? Or is it for their relationship? Just think: every time they hear an ominous sting, Makoto can grab his hand and say “C’mon babe, they’re playing our song!”

    Jadeite is the favourite now? Wow, you know you’re screwing up when the guy who spent half the series as a rock is outclassing you just because he doesn’t share your failures.

  • TiakerAvelonna

    They could have done worse with Endymion’s outfit. I’m just saying. They could have jumped canon completely and plopped him in the King’s outfit. It’s a fair nod to the original, even if they did go overboard with the shoulder pads.

    • JD

      there can never be enough shoulder pads

      • TiakerAvelonna

        I grew up in the 80s. There can definitely be enough shoulder pads. :P

        • Jay_Bay

          So have I. And I say MORE SHOULDER PADS. AND POUCHES…wait a min

          • TiakerAvelonna


          • JD

            shoulder pouches. to store mints in. A can of Altoids in each one

          • TiakerAvelonna

            That’s a new one on me.

          • JD

            Im a fashion innovator. Stylish yet useful if you have mints.

          • Jay_Bay

            Sorry, had some 90s comics mixed into my 80s nostalgia. It’s clear up now.

  • The_Stig

    This show is very schizophrenic. One minute it’s the dumbest thing ever put on film, the next it’s some of the most compelling drama you’ve ever seen and back and forth and back and forth. It’s infuriating.

    Doesn’t help that that theme song just invades your brain and won’t leave!

    Oh, and Makoto isn’t crazy or a lesbian, she just has taste. Also, am I the only one who thinks the only way to settle the Mio/Minako rivalry is a rock-off? Or in this case, a J-Pop-off.

    • JD

      A J-Pop off sounds vaguely naughty

      • Magdalen

        Indeed it does. I like it!

  • Cheshire Cat

    Is Queen Beryll (not sure I’m spelling that right) stuck in the Negaverse? Her minions can obviously leave it.

    • JD

      I think she can leave, but prefers to have her minions collect energy for her.