VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 27”

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Horribleness all around, as we’re introduced to a terrible new character, and Ami challenges Usagi to a fight.

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • Jay_Bay

    Well yep….that title cover freaked me out a lil. And now, random thought blah-de-blah

    Why so down? It can’t be that bad……right?

    Man, it was the obvious answer. Well, is it a swerve if I expected a swerve and didn’t get a swerve

    So this is the Justin from Turbo Power Rangers moment. Also, hehe Avatar

    That wasn’t too much of a rant. Your rage was well contained, Nycea.

    Are you shitting me? This is gonna be a thing, the whole “gonna reveal but something always interrupts and I don’t say it.” shtick? -groan-

    Why yes Rei, I too made that tilted head stare when I saw Sailor Luna for the first time.

    And this is gonna be a thing. *mumblemumblemumble*

    Damn, black looks really good on Ami.

    I love the oh so subtle “NO.” flashing during the Sailor Luna henshin. It’s like my brain is projecting onto the screen before me.

    Do we really had to see the whole henshin from Luna……again?

    Also, why is Luna being played so young. Not like being played by a child, but like…..brain trying to function. I mean, Luna is suppose to be the mentor and confidante(?) to the Scouts, but why is she reverts to being childish when she becomes a catgirl?

    Yes, Kunzite. Omnislash her some more.

    When did this show get all deep on me. And now I’m sweating from my eyes…

    Now how am I going to school with all this sweating from my eyes thing going. Oh well, yes, don’t let anger cloud your mind…..especially with a particular catgirl in mind.

    • TiakerAvelonna

      TVTropes suggests that she is a stand-in for Chibi-usa. Which, really…is bullshit.

    • Jay_Bay

      I forgot to mention this….

      I wanted to be Panthro. Dude was cool as ice.

      • Magdalen

        Panthro was the shiiiiit. :D

      • MephLord

        Snarf Snarf! I like both Tygra and Tigra, does that make me really messed up in the head?

  • CaptainCalvinCat

    So, we meet this shows Wesley Crusher – minus the intellect, he definitely has, when he is not a person, that annoys children. However now, being more mature, I have a look at this kid and say: “Hmmm – Wesley… know what? You are not AS bad as people want you to be.” After all, he was the character, that saved the Enterprise-Crew more than just one time…
    And although people at this age group definitely thought about other stuff, than how to save the ship, I don’t see him as that bad.

    Same with Sailor Catgirl there – I mean, come on – she can’t be THAT bad… she comes off as annoying at the beginning, but just, because she is Luna and that more or less is the big no-no about the character.
    If they had used Sailor Chin-Moon (Chibi-Usa)… it might have worked.

    • JD

      And shes about as useful in a fight as Tuxedo Kamen

    • Jay_Bay

      I prefer the Justin analogy better….

  • JD

    Despite The Luna ruining some of it, i really liked this Ami heavy episode.
    Kunzite just becasue you bought her a coke in the negaverse break room you forget Ami is 14 and your like 40…..

  • $36060516

    Despite this not having been reviewed or approved by an editor, I’m watching this video at my own risk! If something goes wrong, notify my family I loved them.

    Okay, watched it! I actually laughed out loud at the absurdity of the poses Luna was doing in her transformation and fight, so I found her entertaining enough (though for unintentional reasons)

    That smile in the last second of the review after delivering the “Sailor Moon says” left me with a nice feeling.

  • danbreunig

    The first time I really winced at anything, Anything, in PGSM was Luna’s own make-up transformation. That was just…annoyingly creepy. But VERY nice way to compensate with the most serious moment in the series thus far (for me, anyway)–plus an actual poignant weekly moral at the end.

  • Thomas Stockel

    You raise an excellent point regarding the shoe-horning of these kid characters into these shows. When I was a boy I wanted to be Luke Skywalker, not Luke Skywalker’s kid brother.

    Maybe it’s time they retired the whole Robin concept at DC Comics. Was Robin ever really that popular?

    • Jason Withrow

      Yes, he was, in fact he bolstered the golden age comics to record sales! And painted a bullseye right on the franchise for Frederic Wertham, but that’s a different issue. But I think that might be a shift in culture, given the uninspiring dross considered children’s entertainment otherwise. A better question might be “Is Robin still popular?” and I think the muddy nature of DC’s treatment of Robin since the 90s might make answering that question a bit of a stray (multiple Robins, some of them Red Robins, some of them dead Robins, others were Bats…). I know Solkir is a bigger fan of Dick Grayson than Bruce Wayne, but that’s a matter of personality.

      I find myself trawling other fandoms for examples. it might be better to look at Robin in the Teen Titans television program for the proof, or more topically, the Scouts themselves: teenagers. Kids want to be teens and adults, adults want to be teens and adults, teens want to be adults and might deign to be teenagers if well enough written. But no one wants to be kids. Except… when they do. Harry Potter, for example. Even if they don’t want to be Harry, Hermione or Ron in particular, the idea of being an 11 year old at Hogwarts is appealing in a way that sells multi-billion dollar franchises.

      I think it might be better not to say that no one wants to be kids than that no one wants the personality cliches associated with kids. No one wants to be the neko princess in Sailor Moon chasing balls and shrieking, or the golly-gee-whiz blue ranger. Alternately: no one wants to be the younger characters, because of the inherent power dynamic involved in age, and the character complexity often sacrificed on younger characters. See Joey Todesco’s look back on Rugrats: The Movie. Nobody “wants” to be a baby but you’d rather be watching them than Dill, the even younger and much less interesting baby brother. The guiding thread between these two is writers using age as a guideline or worse, an excuse, to write a worse character, or a bigger cliche, and that will always tell.

      I think, in the end, the only kids who want to be golly-gee-whiz are the kids living in a culture where they were told that that’s what kids were supposed to be like: the 30s, buying Batman comics in record numbers. And the issue is that, like so many other cliches, the writers haven’t changed their pens since the thirties, and were in a real deep rut in the 80s and 90s. Thank god that’s over but it’s never over yet.

      All of that said, I wonder if maybe, whatever the wiser plan, the producers introduced IT in this episode not to catch a new audience but to offset the darker moments in the episode itself. The silence was very effective. Sometimes it can pay to point to a previous scene and say “But look! It’s a six-year-old dressed like a cat!”

      • Thomas Stockel

        That was a very well written response and I think you raise some good points. For all we know the execs felt the series had gotten too dark and they forced the producers to add a cute character to offset it. And I guess you’re right where Robin is concerned; if he had been unpopular he would have gone the way of the original Batwoman.

        • Jason Withrow

          You’ve got me curious about Robin’s popularity now, however. Obviously he (barely) appeared in the films, and with Damian Wayne’s death the role of Robin is, I believe, open in the DCU. But with The New 52 coming under so much critical fire, I’m not sure we can take anything they’ve done as being the right call without any data.

          • Thomas Stockel

            Well, I can take or leave the character of Robin. I thought Jim Starlin had irreparably destroyed Jason Todd during his run (He wrote A Death In The Family…and had written Jason as being so unlikeable people voted to see him die.) and Tim and Damien both I am pretty indifferent to. I think with the Nu 52 they should have just edited Tim and Jason out, but I guess Tim has too much of a following for them to do that.

            So I think that there is always going to be a Robin. I think they are thinking about replacing Damien with Carrie Kelly, or a version of her, at least. I could care less, as I haven’t bought a Batman title in years.

          • Jason Withrow

            They certainly did edit out Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, though maybe one of them is the once-and-future sidekick. Me, I like the idea of the Bat-family in general. I like the idea of the man who lost his family finding it again in the end, from Alfred to the kids and even Superman in a way, and pulling back together. If it weren’t for my rampaging villain fetish I’d have no interest in watching Bruce stamp about in the dark forever, even if the comics won’t really end when it comes down to it, but from what I hear (I stopped following in detail after the revamp, except what I hear through Solkir and Linkara) it hasn’t been the sort of story I’d want to read for some time.

          • Thomas Stockel

            There is certainly a large number of people upset over the elimination of the two Batgirls and putting Barbara back in the costume. Personally, I thought John Ostrander making her Oracle was one of the all time brilliant moves in comics. It turned a paraplegic into a bona-fide hero and it was a magnificent piece of character evolution. Her becoming Batgirl again was a stupid step backward, but her comic is selling still so I guess it was the right move, sales wise.

            I dunno. I think the who Nu 52 thing was still a bad mistake. I am only buying one title now, JLA Dark, and I’m going to be canceling it. I can’t remember any time when I was not buying any DC Comics.

          • Jason Withrow

            Most of what I hear about the new Batgirl is “Gail Simone,” which I guess brings us back to good writing, even if it is built on the back of poor editorial mandate. If nothing else, the conversation has come in a tidy circle. :)

          • JD

            He was popular it the time Teen Titans was running.
            then again he was the main character.

      • Magdalen

        I agree with your theory about this episode. I think the writers, or perhaps the producers, were afraid things were getting a bit too serious and they wanted something to lighten it up a bit. It just turned out awful.

        I think it would have been cool to have a subplot with Erika (the little girl from Act 10) discovers that Rei and the others are Sailor Scouts and desperately wants to be one too. So she makes her own costume and follows them into harm’s way and learns some lesson or something.

        • Jason Withrow

          It would have been a cool subplot, and always nice to bring back old characters (I don’t know if Erika comes back in the future but more couldn’t hurt)! And it would have combined well with the emotional loss on the part of the Scouts… though perhaps that’s what the focus groups were afraid of, thus the magical mooncat used instead?

        • JD

          Hmmm they did that in act 0

      • Jay_Bay

        Oversimplification-kids in and of themselves are not bad, kids that are annoying and/bratty are bad

        • Jason Withrow

          Yup, I’d say that’s about clinched it!

  • There are only two reasons I can think of for adding Sailor Luna to thi show, one, cos Japan likes all things kawaii and Sailor Luna is full of kawaii* and two, they wanted to appeal to the lolicon demographic…ugggh!
    *(One man’s kawaii is another man’s sicky sweet)

    • Jay_Bay

      what in… does….I don’t wanna know.

      • JD

        no you dont

    • TiakerAvelonna

      They already have lolicon with the Senshi. :P

      • As far as I know, lolicon is perverse interest in either actual prepubescent girls or someone who looks like a prepubescent girl.

        • TiakerAvelonna

          Urban Dictionary says 12-16, but I shan’t argue. :) You do have a point, though.

          • Looks like even Urban Dictionary can get some of their facts mixed up sometimes.

            In anime/manga/doujin, the term loli often refers to any character that is/looks like a child, eg: Chiyo-chan(10yo) from Azumanga or Evangeline(600yo) from Negima, who looks like a 10yo.
            The more you know…

    • The_Stig

      and don’t forget catgirl fetishists.

      • JD

        We need to forget about those

        • TiakerAvelonna


          • JD

            wolf girls on the other hand……

        • Jay_Bay

          But what about Felicia from Darkstalkers?

          • JD

            Hmmm forgot about her

    • Animikean

      Sailor Luna???? But we can’t have Naru/Molly as a sailor, or even knowing about them – I don’t understand things (shakes head)

  • TiakerAvelonna

    Remember that lobby; you’ll be seeing it often.

    The ending two minutes are the best part of the episode. The rest is utter crap.

    • JD

      The next episode is really good too.
      one of my favorites

      • TiakerAvelonna

        Mine too. Though 40 is my favorite.

        • JD

          Oh That episode……..

          • TiakerAvelonna

            *Snerk* I really should just have a block of cheese as my avatar, because I like it that much. I’m the kind of person that likes the first Mortal Kombat movie, for crying out loud.

          • Magdalen

            It’s okay, I liked it too.

          • TiakerAvelonna

            I knew there was a reason I liked you. :P

          • Jay_Bay

            wait….I know the movie isn’t well good, but who doesn’y like good ol fashioned schlock like that?

          • TiakerAvelonna

            You’d be surprised.

  • TheCrazyFish

    I kind of feel like Catgirl Luna is partly an attempt at introducing a character similar to Chibiusa into the show. That’s… kind of messed up, honestly.