VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 22”

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Dark Mercury pursues Sailor Moon and the scouts, while they struggle to cope with the loss of their friend. …Also, Nycea is a big, whiny douche who wont stop interrupting me.

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • My guess is that Darkury will be switching between being good and evil like brainwashed Tuxedo Mask did in the original cartoon.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      They brainwashed Tuxedo Mask in the original anime?
      Maybe that is what happening in this adaptation, too.

      By the way Mags and Nycea: Good show. *thumbs up*

  • Jay_Bay

    I dunno why I write these. Must be my undying levels of egotisim I have:

    Man, the Negaverse has a good signal in there. Hmmm, better rethink my plans on moving there.

    Damnit, why does everyone that has an evil clone/experiment/self always treat the evil “thing” like nothing? It’s just asking for them to get back at you, and being that close to you it always “studied all your moves.”

    If Nycea is four-eyes, that makes Magda…..hold on, I got get a calculator.

    And har har. Nycea lost her glasses. I can at least walk around without mine….I just take a lot of stuff to the face because I have no depth perception.

    Also, you got transition lenses on your glasses, Nycea?

    Honestly, with Queen Beryl, it’s both reasons.

    To be Devil’s Advocate for a moment, yes it sucks that Usagi, Rei, and Mokoto were ignoring Ami until she got changed, but Ami could have ask them whats wrong and maybe tag along with them. It is a two way street, you know.

    For someone who was locked in a basement for 5 years, Magda doesn’t look too bad. I would say good even.

    How does Mamarou remember….plot point(?)

    Ok, that class scene with the hypnotized kids is legit creepy…and that smile -shiver-

    …..fucking jesters. Moving o….wait, how is Nycea seeing all this anyways?

    Pfft, not Colin Motchrie…..Luke Motchrie

    I was honestly serious last time. If there is a movie where a carousel is used and it wasn’t a bad time (besides a kids movie), let me know.

    That beluga whale….just happy to be there.

    Oh yeah, -ahem- : SYMBOLISM!!!!!

    Did PGSM have 2 scouts do a samurai clash? Hmm, not bad.

    What does Usagi shirt say, Love….Rabbi?

    Ok, I can take a lot of stuff, suspend my disbelief to the limit, but a light that can kill a youma and mend knitted glove…..that’s too much

    I ain’t gonna lie, I’m not shamed to say this. I teared up when Sailor Moon started crying. DON’T JUDGE ME!

    Master Endyimon….is this Digimon?

    Another good episode. Like PM below, my guess is that Ami flip flop between good and evil now when Usagi unleash the Light McGuffian on her. I forgot all about when Tuxedo Mask experience the same thing.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      And while we’re at the topic of Darkury – she brainwashed the entire class so that she could continue to go to school ?

      she really must enjoy school then, because if I would have been an evil
      psychopath back in my days at school and if I had the chance of
      actually not going there, I think, I would have chosen the “being
      tutored in the evil-nega-verse” option. ^^

      Sooo Sailor Venus
      stops a sword with a necklace. That must be the same material, that is
      used on paradise Island to make their braceletts.

      Concerning real – life issues: Magdalen, I am glad to see, that the greenscreen is working again. *applauds*

      Jay_Bay You are right… I could only come up with Beethovens 2nd, but you kinda could count that as a Kids movie. Besides that… in Castles Episode “tick tick tick” there was a body found in a caroussel and in the ever awesome movie “Face/Off” the caroussel was the place, where Castor Troy shot Sean Archer in the chest and Archers son with it. By the way – quite a gruesome scene, although one didn’t see it, but one knew the implications.

      I would think, that Usagis shirt said “Love Rabbit” which is understandable, since I think her name means exactly that in english. Thats why in the german version, she apparently had the ever awesome (or lame) name of “Bunny Tsukino”.

      And concerning the light… come on, again, clearly SYMBOLISM of Love. ^^ Love can cure anything and even mend gloves – I guess.
      Yeah, still need a prove to that, call me a cynic.

      And you know what I would like for once in a while in the narrative with an “evil clone”? If the clone and the original would look at each other and say: “Hm… know what? Fighting is kinda stupid.” ^^

      • Jay_Bay

        Ok, crazy legit moment-So about the necklace, I looked up the actual name for Sailor Venus’s chain attack (cuz my memory is shot). And, I always thought she said “Lovely Chain”. It’s actually “Love Me Chain”. I -just- found that out.

        “Love Me Chain” has a good amount of kink to it, don’t ya think?

        • JD

          She would not need a chain for me thats for sure

      • TiakerAvelonna

        Unfortunately, her name does not mean Love Rabbit. It means “Rabbit of the Moon.” Usagi=rabbit. Tsuki=moon. “No” usually equals “of.”

      • JD

        Love Rabbi is a brand of clothing

    • Jason Withrow

      Nycea’s actually got a bit of a Luke Mochrie thing going on here with Magda, so it makes sense to me!

      EDIT: Well, the evil double thing is an older reviewer trope than that. How long ago did Nycea say Magda was created? 5? Yeah, about that old.

      • “Magda”

        It’s all about Colin on ‘Whos Line is it Anyway?’, I was into the Mochrie’s BEFORE it was cool.

        • Jay_Bay

          All seriousness, Colin was the star on that show. Whoever decided to roll the dice on Wayne Brady deserve a severe beating.

      • $36060516

        I remember the famous episode of Siskel and Ebert where Dark Siskel (wearing a blonde wig and eyepatch) turned Ebert into a cockroach with a poisoned box of Raisinets and stepped on him for not liking the movie “Full Metal Jacket.”

  • danbreunig

    Nycea’s Negaverse looks so…subterranean to me. For a minute I thought less of Sailor Moon and more of Inhumanoids. I’m already anxious to see how the Magda/Nycea conflict will ultimately pan out.

    • Magdalen

      Well it sure isn’t the caves in Bend, Oregon, that’s for sure. >.>

  • TiakerAvelonna

    Horrible stage lighting FTW.

    Damn…I didn’t even think about the symbolism about the youma. It’s a stretch, and it also fits. Scary.

    ALL THAT POWER, and everyone still thinks Venus is the Princess. Srsly.

    Next episode is actually really cool. In a cheesy kind of way.

    • Jay_Bay

      Well, Usagi is THAT…..touched

      • TiakerAvelonna

        If you mean “touched in the head,” sure. 😛

        I mean come on…she re-transforms AT WILL. No catchphrase, no flashy hand movments, no nothing.

        • Jay_Bay

          They probably think Usagi so out of it that her powers actually overrides her. Like the power was like “Nuh uh, girlfriend. You ain’t gonna go out like that. Here, let me stop her.”

          And now I am imagining Sailor Moon’s power voice to be a sassy black woman. It’s funny.

          • TiakerAvelonna

            It would make the dub a whole lot more enjoyable, let me tell you.

  • The_Stig

    *beckons to Darkury* Come to Stig.

    • JD

      she will destroy you

      • Thomas Stockel

        Yeah, but it would totally be worth it.

    • “Magda”

      She’s 16.

      • $36060516

        To Catch a Sailor Predator

        • jjramsey

          You, sir, win the Internet tonight.

          • The_Stig

            In Japan the age of consent is 13, so….

          • $36060516

            Some facts are not flattering to have at one’s fingertips!

          • The_Stig

            Don’t look at me, Japan’s the one that’s crazy. Besides, the leads are all in their late teens or early 20’s (though mostly late teens).

          • $36060516

            Sorry, just messin’ with ya… 😉

  • Jay_Bay

    You know what, fuck it. It’s 2013, I only seen a fraction of the show, and it’s long enough. PGSM REUNION SPECIAL! WHO’S WITH ME?

    • JD

      Yea another series,Usagi graduates from college, No wait………..

      • The_Stig

        Wait, really? Usagi goes to college? Usagi. College. *self-destructs like NOMAD*

        • JD

          it was just an idea.

    • TiakerAvelonna

      Does a new Sailor Moon musical in September count?

      • JD

        NO it does not. The new Anime has not been started yet either

        • TiakerAvelonna

          Well, fine. Be that way. 😛

          • JD


          • TiakerAvelonna

            No you’re not. 😛