VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 2”

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In this episode of the one and only live-action Sailor Moon series, the Negaverse attacks a cram school, and Ami is discovered to be Sailor Mercury!

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • As cheezy as the Sailor costumes are, the wigs look surprisingly natural-looking (colour notwithstanding).

  • Jay_Bay

    I cant wait for some Sailor Jupiter action.  She’s my favorite.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Mine, too!

    • Magdalen

      me three!!

    • Wizkamridr

      She was my fav for all the wrong reasons.

      • Magdalen

        oh you nasty. XD

      • Jay_Bay


  • Thomas Stockel

    That sculpture looked like Gumby and Pokey to me, for some reason.  I mean, before the transformation.  Oh, and Queen Beryl reminds me of Sam Lowry’s Mom from the movie Brazil.  I mean, his mother after all the plastic surgeries.

    Digging the show so far.

  • Wizkamridr

    I believe the crude looking statue is based on Japan’s ancient culture.

    I’d watch this crazy bat guano any day over the bs they show here in the states.

  • Jay_Bay

    Just gonna say it…

    Sailor Moon was the pre-Bronies.

    • Joseph Tedesco

      you mean… moonies?

      • Jay_Bay

        Yes, yes. Moonies…is that a term?

  • The_Stig

    It’s been a very long time and I stopped watching Sailor Moon before Saturn and Neptune came along, but I can’t recall a single anime hero that’s more useless than Tuxedo Mask. This was TM’s thing:

    1. Shows up just long enough for the Senshi to swoon like he’s Justin Bieber IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE, MIND YOU–Gotta love Japan.
    2. Chucks a rose at Princess Special Needs (Usagi Tsukimo, proving Darwin wrong daily) while doing precisely nothing to help fight the bad guy.
    3. Leaves.

    That’s ok, TM don’t help kill the monster, it’s not like it was sent by an evil queen trying to take over the universe or anything. The team of 13 year old girls in fetish outfits got this.

    At least in the animated series, Tuxedo Mask didn’t look like a stiff breeze would kill him.