VIDEO: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon “Act 14”

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Finally, a Sailor Mercury episode! Ami’s dedication to her friend is challenged, as Usagi is turning into a monster.

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TV Show: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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  • Jay_Bay

    Damn, Kunzite came onto the scene and just straight running things…
    Not with Kamekichi. He’s a goddamn ninja…..turtle.

    And yeah, Ami is so bromancing Usagi…can 2 girls have a bromance? I dunno, all I know is those keychains are so awesomely cute on the wall.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      I think, that would be a sismance or so.

      By the way, cool review, and I was already thinking, that there would be no video this week and thinking: “Well, next week, then. Fitting – this week, we have a SFDebris video and no Nycea, next week it is the other way around”.

      This time on Sailor Moon – SG 1 – … what was that with that computer? Was it a pulse-meter like you have in hospital? or was it a star-trek-y “youma-detector”? Which would be fitting to the dream-sequence of Ami, where the sign “warning” was flashing and usagi transformed into a Goa’uld – erm… Youma.

      And sorry to bring up stargate again: but there are two episodes in which two very major characters were infected and taken over by the goa’ulds 1) The enemy within and 2) in the line of duty. If you don’t know those episodes – go and watch them, they are awesome.

      However neither of both episodes had the chuzpe to have the possessed character awaken and be their normal happy self because it was too noisy.
      I’ll give this episode props for that.

      However – no one could be as dumb as Usagi pretends to be.
      I’ll say at least the “you were all to noisy but Ami was the noisiest” is just her *playing* dumb. After all, she had fought the youma in her body, which does concur with the “It is too noisy”-line, because the thing in her head died yelling and screaming. And now, to break the bad mood, she decides to act “stupid” again. I think she knows EXACTLY what happened.

      • Jay_Bay

        Triple C, I think you give her too much credit. But it makes for entertaining cinema.

        • CaptainCalvinCat

          *grins* Of course I do, JB…. Of course I give her way too much credit, because a) someone has to do that job and b) wouldn’t that be interesting? If she would really become more and more smart in the progress of the show?

          • JD


          • Jay_Bay

            my body is not ready for that type of swerve…

      • JD

        She does know what happened but does not want to worry her friends. I will give Usagi credit, for as dumb as she is( box of Rocks), she is very loyal to her friends, you know like a princess

  • If you want to exercise your turtle, just buy a treadmill. :P

    • JD

      A tiny treadmill

      • Magdalen

        a very slow, tiny treadmill.

  • The Negaverse should be aware of Sailor Moon’s secret identity as she transformed right in front of Kunzite, so will they be smart to take advantage of this fact.

    • The_Stig

      I don’t know, maybe they’re in denial and don’t want to face the fact that the Moon Princess is a bloody idiot. Who knows what that would do to their reps.

  • Jay_Bay

    Also, where are Ami’s hipster glasses? I miss them.

    • Magdalen

      Considering she doesn’t actually need them- I guess she forgot them today! LOL!

      • Jay_Bay

        Damnit. I was so enjoying that meme.

  • maarvarq

    Usagi overcame the demon through the power of being as dumb as a box of rocks. Like Fry’s brainslug, the demon tried to feed on her mind but the poor thing starved :-)

    • Thomas Stockel

      I prefer to think Usagi was saved by the power of Love.

      But based on what we’ve seen so far, your theory works a little better.

  • JD

    i have nothing clever to say

  • danbreunig

    Yes, I noticed the change of set, Nycea. So why a fridge-wall and not the chair anymore?

    “It’s alright if you think it’s a lie. You can think I’m being malicious to you…” Just the way that’s worded even in translation for a fandom based on junior high aged Japanese schoolgirls…my head hurts now…maybe I need a flowchart.

    • Magdalen

      I’m actually sitting in the same space, but it’s turned to face a different wall. I plan on adding more and things as I can get/make it. :)

  • Jason Withrow

    You know, it’s endearing and a good character bit to see the Scouts hanging out on New Years, especially when one of them is unwell and probably needs cheering up, but since one of them is turning into a horrible demon, you’d think they’d… do… something. In the entire span of time since last episode. Oh! Look, now she’s collapsed. NOW we can go.

  • cavalier 24601

    Usagi being carried is just an incredibly cute scene.