Postal (2007) (part 2 of 2)

In the meantime, back at the compound, Uncle Dave wants to steal the exact same shipment of Krotchy Dolls that the Taliban guys want, and sell them online at “” for an outlandish markup. The dude leaves to find a suitable truck in which to haul away the stolen dolls.

Along the way, he stops at the very same convenience store where the Taliban is hiding. Outside, a guy in a suit stands on a soapbox and says things like “George W. Bush isn’t the president, he’s an actor,” and “the moon landings were faked.” So one of the Taliban guys uses an explosive vest to blow the guy up. This humble recapper must confess that he doesn’t yet get what Dr. Boll is doing in this scene. I’m sure there’s razor-sharp satiric criticism of something going on, but I’m still trying to tease it out after multiple viewings. That’s why Boll has a doctorate and I don’t, I guess.

Caption contributed by Mark M.

Lee L. Mercer, Jr., I get. This guy? Not so much.

The dude sees the ideal truck in a fenced off parking lot. If the previous scene’s symbolism eludes me (for the moment!), this part I get. See, the dude could easily scale the six-foot chain link fence by himself. Instead, he uses a paraplegic beggar as a step-stool to climb the fence. Don’t you get it? I mean, really get it? Only by standing on the shoulders of our brothers can the downtrodden of this world overcome the obstacles placed in their way by the evil cabal of American corporations. Clearly.

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Multi-Part Article: Postal (2007)
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