Are You Popular? (Video)

Are You Popular? (Video)
There are few things in this world more entertaining than social guidance videos from the post-WWII era. Our nation’s children needed to be educated on how to look nice and act like proper American teenagers (brave! strong! pretty!) and thus were these films born.

This one is wonderful not only for its early and enthusiastic slut-shaming, but for its celebration of the most boring possible characters in the history of teen drama. Watch and be thoroughly glad you are alive at a different time than the one depicted here.

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  • Amy Ziegfeld

    “Now, why do they invite Caroline to join their group when Jenny wasn’t welcome? Is it because they like the way she looks and dresses? Because she seems as interested in girls as in boys?”It took me a second to realize they meant that to be read as “because she’s not thinking about sex all the time” rather than “because she’s a Kinsey 3 Bisexual.”

    • guppy06

      Damn, beat me to it…But no, I’m pretty sure that “making out with other girls” is the key to teenaged popularity. Science!

  • guppy06

    And I don’t think you meant to have “pt” in the name of your new category tag of “pt Parking In Cars With Boys”

  • Hammiepants

    Pretty sure that there is nothing that the University of Oklahoma can impart that will do a damned thing to make anyone more popular.

  • hvdv

    This instructional film, and many like it (e.g., What To Do on a Date, Dating Do’s and Dont’s, and all the et ceteras) have been part of my sociology courses for a decade now. I find them quite educational.

  • Gustave188

    “Director of the Family Life Institute at the University of Oklahoma”. Is it possible to conceive of a more horrible sounding organization?