RAW FEED: Poltergeist 2015 - Movie Review

The remake of Poltergeist. A complete waste of time.

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  • RockyDmoney

    Wow. You know a movie is bad if you are criticizing Sam Rockwell’s performance. Guy is such a great actor

  • 333, SC

    How the heck did they justify snow on the tv for the “They’re here” scene? How do you get snow on a modern tv? One, stations don’t go off the air, two, almost no one gets a tv station over the air even if they did, and three, modern tvs are designed to go to a blue screen when there’s no signal. I suppose *maybe* if you’re some douchebag that thinks it’s cool to still use a VCR and you put in a blank tape by accident you could get snow, and I’m not sure about that. Soooo- WTF??