VIDEO: Pokémon: The Original Series - Part 2

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It’s part 2 of Sofie’s cameo-filled two-part series about the original Pokémon series, this time featuring guest appearances by Il Neige and Sursum Ursa! Watch Part 1 here!

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TV Show: Pokémon

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  • Gallen_Dugall

    So excited to watch this. I’ve been checking in three times a day since the first half was posted. I’ve never even seen the show… weird. Really does seem as if “children’s” shows in general have gotten a lot better, since the days of Droids and GIJoe, acknowledging that “kids” are capable of appreciating more complex story lines.

    • Sofie Liv

      Really? Woah, well, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

      Well, Pokemon is an anime you know, imported from japan, which is some-thing they first began doing in the 90’s.

      It is worth noting though that Japan has its own whole culture of animated shows, the so called. “Animes.” that are compleately different from the western culture, in all aspects.

      just a short example, in western cultre, animated shows, and certainly animated shows about supernatural things, are considered to be for kids.

      In Japan how-ever… not neccesarily, there it is fully accepted for adults to follow in this stuff, and the things are even created, more for the adults than the children.

      Further more, it has been a well known fact, that every-time the US import anime, they always end up cencoring some of it, and Pokemon is no exception to that. They have cencored away guns, outffits.. and James’s fake boobs away (for real.) in the US version.

      Which again goes to show that these kind of shows simply originates from a different culture entirely, with a different view on the animated genre.

      Since such shows as GIJoe are of western origin, it is unfair to compare them to what is imported from Japan, and merely translated.

      How-ever, yes, yes there are loads of shows from a western origin which are bloody good, clever, deep, dares takes risk, and can be enoyed as much by adults as kids.

      “Avatar the last airbender.” particular comes to mind, as well as the DC shared univers, TMNT and so on and so on.

      I recommend any of those shows warmly.

      • danbreunig

        Yes, we’re a country known for toning down the dark overtones in our imported Animes…and yet have no trouble with movie-level violence on weeknight network TV. And it’s not just the 90s anime rush, but since nearly the beginning in the 60s-70s. I gave an extensive description of my own favorite anime(s) where they did that, way back in the forum for your Ten Scariest Childhood TV Moments review, or however it was titled. Speaking of…you may get a visit from Moerkoe soon–and even Holmes and Watson. 😉

        • Sofie Liv

          I just love the fact they actually cencored the cigar out of “Captain Smokers.” mouth in One Piece.

          So now in the english dub, there is just constantly coming smoke out of his mouth for no reason.

          One piece is also the show where they painted all of the red-wine orange, so the characters would be drinking orange juice instead… that is just silly.

          Well, the US is a silly country, I have been saying that for a while. I’m not even trying to understand it any-more -_-;

          • danbreunig

            Is that because you already have us figured out? *_*

            That’s taking it a bit far. I kind of remember Voltron and how the main villain’s goons were often called “robots”, even though they behaved suspiciously like regular humans, or humanoid aliens. It’s just to give the impression that no one (regular people) got killed, until you’re grown up years later and learn the truth behind the censoring.

            So–do they work excuses into the show about why he’s always got abnormal smoke around his mouth? They don’t edit the Danish dubs…do they?…

            Oh, and I hope you weren’t put off by my earlier comment about comparing fandoms. The point I wanted to make was that I understand the euphoria of the fandom (without being a fan myself), because I had the same thing from my fandoms, despite about ten year’s difference. I wasn’t trying to piss on your childhood–just like I hope you won’t piss on mine either. Okay?

            A bit off-subject, but thank you for offering your advice in the comment up above. I gave some of my own support, too. This whole event this last week really humbled me, to say the least.

          • Sofie Liv

            one piece has no Danish dub, it never made it to Denmark in animated form, the manga how-ever is here.

            No no, that’s fine, we all got some-thing nostalgic from our childhood, there’s even this guy whom build an entire show around that premise.

            Small friend, don’t know if you ever heard of him. The Nostalgia critic X)

  • John Wilson

    The card game is easy to play once you get the hang of it. I knew how to do it but that was a long while ago. The dark themes never really got to me. Maybe because I don’t believe in many paranormal stuff. I was too young to notice it. And I seen the same situations played seriously in real movies(Speed 2,The haunting, 1999 version etc.Hope you have fun at the con:)

    • Sofie Liv

      Bweh, some-one tried to teach me how to play “Magic cards.” ones as well, never got the hang of that either.

      And well, all I remember of those cards were EVERY-ONE collecting them, and no one knowing how to play with them, nor even cared.

      And you do know the card game has nothing to do with the “Paranormal.” don’t you? like all other card games of its nature it’s based on “Magic cards.” and goes about in basically the same rules.

      And there are people out there whom knows how to play, like Magic cards there are big tournaments out there for players and stuff.

      Don’t know if you can actually win money at a Pokemon card tournament though, like you can with a magic card tournament…

      • The_Stig

        You mean I’m not worshipping Satan when I play Magic: The Gathering? What a drag, takes all the fun out of playing.

      • John Wilson

        Sorry I meant dark themes in the show. Should have been more pacific.

        • Sofie Liv

          the other thing was funnier though..

  • MichaelANovelli

    Team Rocket? Smart? Does not compute!

    • Sofie Liv

      I know right @_@

      But again, it’s nice to see them pull stuff off ones in a while.

      • MichaelANovelli

        Man, Team Rocket smart, Sailor Moon in a porno with Austin Powers… I’m having a weird week…

        • Sofie Liv

          I watched an episode where Team Rocket succesfully infiltrated team Plasma, Jessie and James getting spotted, but on purpose, those leading the Team Plasma guards out-side and into their pre-made trap. While Meowth still inside did the real purpose of the mission, giving a scientist an offer to switch sides.

          The scientist whom had build an machine to control the minds of pokemons, agreed if only Meowth would agree to be a test subject, since he is a talking pokemon is unique, Meowth agrees, but that is the moment the scientist turns on them.

          Fortunately Team Rocket were prepaired for this, and had rehearsed a trick to how Meowth could regain control over his mind, by repeating a “Tricker word.” they had knocked into him earlier.

          Thus Meowth regains controls, finds Jessie and James, and they all escaped safely on jet-packs.

          I am not making that up, that really happened.

        • danbreunig

          That’s kinda how I’m feeling, weird in a good way, because Mister Mendo gave me not one but two Dethklok references this week. Nice Nathan Explosion!

          • MichaelANovelli

            There’s a part that didn’t get used where I throw in a little Ja Rule, as well! 😉

  • danbreunig

    Hey, thanks for showing the ever-elusive Pokemon Part 2, Sofie! I’ve gone on some long rants and lists lately, but looking at your Pokemon review(s), I think I can best sum up all my thoughts, feelings, perspectives, observations, and opinions with just a line or two, or three+:

    Everything that the whole Pokemon experience, universe, culture and fan-love meant to you as a little kid growing up, was everything that the whole Transformers experience, universe, culture and fan-love meant to me as a little kid growing up. Just a simple matter of generation: you had Darkwing, I had HeMan. What you (and basically nearly the whole Booth) experienced from this fandom was *exactly* the way I and my friends and peers experienced our fandoms. The same feeling and joy, just different fandoms because they’re one generation apart.

    Okay, I was wrong, I do have yet another list to say, just short this time:

    You make a cute Trixie.

    I’m still down that I won’t be there at Alcon.

    Now you’ve gotten cameos from at least 2/3 of AB. You just know more will follow…

    Back to the Pokemon-Transformers comparison: the TF figures came with individual Tech Specs, which were small character bios for each figure, many of which were worked into the respective show. Most Hasbro toylines had similar treatments, like GI Joe and the original MLP. The whole deal with the Pokemon cards and their connection to the show just reminded me of that.

    Have fun the rest of the year!!

  • david f white

    Sophie, i am sorry i freaked out on you sunday!! I have just been going through a lot of shit!! I am deeply sorry if i burdened you!!!

    • Sofie Liv

      If you want to take my advice.

      It’s okay to have problems, it’s okay to be stressed and feel like you can’t handle things.

      Depression is a real illness, it’s just as real as it is breaking an arm.

      And like you need a casket when having broken an arm, you need certain things to get better from depression. and step one is to be a peace with the fact that you probably have some-thing like that, other-wise, you would never consider suicide, or even think about it.

      All of those feelings, are actually okay to feel, again, it’s an illness a lot of people get these days due to society.

      But.. you have to know where to go with those feelings.

      The enternet is a bad, bad place to air such thoughts. We are all of us anomenous private people, there are no filthers in place, no security nets. And those whom really means it well and wants to help, can end up making things worse because they have no idea what they are supposed to do.

      And when you say stuff like that, it often ends up with people taking sides, and it’ll come back biting you in the arse later.

      Just look at what happened with “Spoony one.” where he did the mistake of not keeping his emotions private, and acted on some-thing he was battling against at that point in time.

      But that also means it can happen for every-one, even the big bad enternet video producers.

      Again, go get the help you need, be kind to yourself, and don’t do things that can make it all harder on yourself in the future, such as writing like that on the enternet.

  • Solkir

    I’ve still got all my Pokemon cards

    • Sofie Liv

      I have no idea where mine are..

  • Derek

    Pokemon officially spans generations! My nephew, who is turning 7, called me on the phone not long ago and asked me if I had any Pokemon cards. I only had Pikachu (the first Pikachu card, that weird one where she’s fat…) I have given away my last Pokemon card! I still play all the games though, talk about addictive. I had entire friendships based around playing the gameboy games – and not even battling each other, we just played the main quest side-by-side and commented on our progress with our various teams and strategies.

    So, apparently Ash’s Pikachu is a girl all this time, and I never figured this out somehow!

    • Sofie Liv

      WHAT!? Pikachu is a girl!?

      …. cool.. shocking, but cool.

      Pretty much also how I felt when I found out that Kazooe from “Banjo and Kazooe.” is a girl… just.. WHAT!? but also.. kind of nice having a neutral character where you don’t think about it being a girl or not, and it just is.

      • Derek

        Oh no, wait a second, I think I’m wrong! A quick Google results in a lot of debates, but according to Bulbapedia he is a male. I forget what episode or movie I was watching when I heard Pikachu referred to as “her”. Oops.