VIDEO: Pokémon 3: The Movie (2000)

For this third installment of Pokémonth, the Unknown spells adventure! And very disappointing box office receipts.

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  • Well, that was a tight and informative review delivered in a lively enough tone to be interesting but not so much as to be obnoxious. I will now start watching more of your stuff.

    Still have not seen this. I was 15 when it rolled around and I had only ever played one pokemon game to completion (Blue with the help of a strategy guide) and have never really caught the fever a second time as it has so stalwartly failed to change anything mechanics wise to improv with the times. I did like the cartoon for a while growing up, but much like Harry Potter I never really lined up with it age wise and thus never got swept up.

    • Garrett Snook

      Thank you sir! I’ve been experimenting with a new format for these Pokemonth videos, so I’m glad to hear people enjoy it.

      You’re better off not having Pokemon as the defining franchise of your childhood. It’s much cheaper that way.

      • Cyvaris

        Just don’t have Star Wars be that franchise….it only leads to pain.

      • I had “Ghostbusters”.

  • danbreunig

    Let’s see, favorite creature…

    Of those three I’ll go with Entei. Simply because he reminds me so much of the Metallian.

  • Cyvaris

    And so ends basically any of the Pokemon movies I saw when they came out. I still think I have the best/clearest memories of seeing 2000 in cinemas. Still, this certainly was one of the more interesting films. Smaller scale, far more interesting ideas. Probably in my top three favorites of the Pokemon films.

    Also, Suicune is the best legendary Gerbil. It’s just so majestic.