VIDEO: Pokémon 3: The Movie (2000)

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Il Neige reviews Pokémon 3! Is Ash and Pikachu’s final appearance on the big screen also their best? Even if it is, that isn’t saying much.

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  • Jack Shen

    It’s not Pikachu!

    • Garrett Snook

      IT’S YU GI OH! That’s a poke-thingy, right?

    • Nine Breaker

      “Jigglypuff jigglypuff jiggly….puff”

      *notices everyone is asleep. Gets angry and draws on their faces then leaves*

      …..uh, no. I never watched Pokemon, or played the game…, I do not have all legendaries in my group….*hides Giratina*

  • POKEMON! DANCING HERE AND THERE AND EVERYWHERE! Oh wait, wrong theme song. My bad.

    • Garrett Snook

      Yo, this is a story all about how I left my home in Pallet Town. Now I’d lake to take a minute, so listen please. I’ll tell ya how I became the champion of the Pokemon League.

  • Jason Withrow

    You know, when you mentioned the reasons this was the best Pokemon movie in the wrap-up, I remembered that Pokemon does have one apparently good upcoming story moment, with the N plot from Black and White. But then I remembered that they decided to put that plot into the show as a miniseries and spend the next movie talking about why Mewtwo decided to grow a penis from his head. Not that doesn’t have the potential to be the greatest movie summary of all time, but you know: the road less travelled.

    In a delightful footnote, it turns out that Bulbapedia has a list of times the show has broken the Fourth Wall. It starts off with the note that the article is incomplete. Sorry, wiki editors, but knowing this franchise, it never will be.