RAW FEED: Please help me not be homeless


This is about the best I can think of to do right now. Donation button below:

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  • Muthsarah

    I made a donation of a week’s discretionary spending, as paltry an amount as that is. I hope anyone reading this considers helping out, if they have anything free to give. Johnny, I hope you get through this rough patch. I was unemployed for a long time a couple years ago, and I know what it feels like to not have enough to pay the bills and having to find difficult ways of making ends meet. I had to live very simply for most of a year, until I eventually got a break and got a job (through a friend) good enough to pay my bills. If you keep at the job search, you should be able to find something, though anyone in our position must expect to make a lot of sacrifices for their better good. Rough times absolutely require that. I pray you get through this. Just please don’t get discouraged. There are always possibilities. Things will eventually turn around if you keep at it.