Pirates are stealing America’s greatest treasure!

the pirate

What’s the most popular TV show among pirates?


Okay, actually, that’s only the fourth most pirated show of 2014. But the old ARR joke doesn’t work nearly as well with Game of Thrones so work with me here.



“Puns are lost on the Unsullied, my queen.”

Did you realize that America is getting its ass kicked in TV piracy? No, not by piracy, but in it, as in, a whole bunch of other countries are doing a lot more piracy than we are. We’ve fallen all the way to #6 on the list, damn it! (But of course, that doesn’t surprise you because you assume all foreigners are crooks and thieves anyway.)

Who’s gets the gold? It’s Brazil by a hair, with 28.4 million shows stolen compared to 28.1 million in Russia. (Better luck next year, comrade.) Then comes India, Australia, and China.


What’s interesting is that in most of these countries, the American shows they’re stealing aren’t available there yet. They’re not so much crooks as super eager fans. (Who happen to be breaking the law.)

Pirates are stealing America's greatest treasure!

“Is that really such a crime?”

As we indicated, 1) Game of Thrones is the world’s most pirated show. No doubt Ser Davos would approve.

2) The Walking Dead is next, followed by 3) The Big Bang Theory. Wow, geeks really are taking over the entire planet.

4) Arrow, 5) The Vampire Diaries, and 6) Supernatural come next, marking the first time CW shows have come in fourth, fifth, and sixth on any list of TV shows.

Then comes 7) How I Met Your Mother, and boy are they in for a disappointment. Sometimes crime doesn’t pay off.

8) Agents of SHIELD, 9) Suits (REALLY??), and 10) The Blacklist round out the Top 10.

So says Variety.

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