VIDEO: Pink Lady's Great Motion Picture (1978) / Japanese Spider-Man (1978)

Mr. Mendo brings us two insane pieces of entertainment from 1978 Japan: First up, it’s the one and only movie starring Pink Lady, the singing duo famous for an NBC variety show that was one of the worst things ever shown on TV. In the movie, Pink Lady acts out a soap opera melodrama, helps an alien creature escape the circus, and teleports back in time to the Old West. After that, it’s the Japanese Spider-Man, which was made with Marvel Comics’ blessing, even though this Spider-Man gets his powers from a guy from the planet Spider, not to mention his very own giant robot sidekick! Let’s just say “WTF Japan Seriously” is not a recent phenomenon.

Special thanks to Jeffrey Branch, who supplied the DVD of the Pink Lady movie, and many of the images in the video. Please visit his site to find out more than you ever wanted to know about Pink Lady!


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