Pink Lady... and Jeff “The Lost Episode” (part 2 of 2)

In the final installment of the wedding sketch, Mie and Kei have settled in with their new husbands, but decided to invite “Papa-san” to dinner. Jim and Jeff, deciding they have a death wish, figure this would be the perfect opportunity to play a prank. Sid comes in, pulls his sword when the boys get too close, but Mie and Kei distract him and get him to bring out his new girlfriend. So, wait, over the course of one day, Sid went from being happily married to a fat man, to running off with Jeff’s mother, and now he has a new girlfriend. Named Lollipop. Played by that one cast member I pointed out that one time. You know the one.

Pink Lady... and Jeff "The Lost Episode" (part 2 of 2)

Jim and Jeff marvel at how subservient Sid’s made her, to Mie and Kei’s embarrassment. Jeff and Jim, pulling their hilarious prank, put on aprons and act submissive towards the girls, getting mostly polite bemusement from Sid. Kei informs him that they’ve made “southern-fried sushi”, which Sid guesses is “chopstick-lickin’ good”. What? I didn’t write it.

Still, I’m glad they didn’t say mesquite-grilled sushi, or my childhood would’ve exploded.

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Multi-Part Article: Pink Lady... and Jeff "The Lost Episode"

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