Pink Lady... and Jeff “Episode #3” (part 1 of 2)

I was doing prep work on this recap the other day, when I took a break to peruse the newly rereleased Moonwalk. There, I stumbled upon a passage about the mid-’70s variety show the Jacksons did shortly after they left Motown. Michael Jackson had this to say about it.

It’s a dead-end road. What happens is partly psychological. You are in people’s homes every week and they begin to feel like they know you too well. You’re doing all this silly comedy to canned laughter and your music begins to recede into the background. When you try to get serious again and pick up your career where you left off, you can’t because you’re overexposed.

And of course, if there’s one thing Michael Jackson hated, it was overexposure. And spider-themed drug dealers. But in all seriousness, why would anyone consider it to be a good career choice when it’s a proven fact that variety shows are where careers go to die?

On a related note, The Jacksons really was terrible, even if they did feature the Nicholas Brothers once.

But enough stalling, we have a recap to do!

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Multi-Part Article: Pink Lady... and Jeff "Episode #3"
TV Show: Pink Lady... and Jeff

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