Pharrell Reveals Beautiful, Bizarre Political Views In GQ Interview

Pharrell Reveals Beautiful, Bizarre Political Views In GQ InterviewPharrell Williams makes songs that shake booties, including the booty of excellent Congressman John Lewis. That’s great, but it doesn’t speak to Pharrell’s own political beliefs. Only Pharrell himself can do that, and blessed are we because he has recently spoken of them in some detail in GQ. He begins innocently enough:

We’re about to have a female president. Hillary’s gonna win.

Not much daylight between Pharrell and James Carville there — and incidentally, is James Carville the only other living American who could pull off that hat? — but that’s the line making headlines on sites like The Hill. This is probably because nobody could figure out how to put this in a headline:


Everywhere you go in this country, you have red and blue. You got the Democrats; you got the Republicans. You got the Bloods; you got the Crips. Everything is red and blue in this country. You know what else is red and blue? Blood. Blood is blue in your body until air hits it, and then it turns red. That means there’s unity.

This analogy makes us feel like a room without a roof. That is to say, disoriented and vaguely nervous. This is the only medically inaccurate metaphor in the interview, but it is emphatically not the best part. No, the best part is when he weaves the Tea Party, Miley Cyrus, and the n-word into a single, perfect gem of fuck yes.

Who? The Tea Party guys? The guys with the n*gger jokes in 2014? They’re all trying to learn how to do the Dougie. Please. While their daughters are all twerking. Trust me: Miley tells me all the time. Not saying that about Billy Ray, but I’m saying Miley tells me all the time: All those little girls, all those girls with their Republican daddies, they’re twerkin’ somewhere listening to Jay Z and Beyoncé and doin’ the “Happy” dance. And that’s black.

We are clapping along with this and staying up all night to get lucky with it and other Pharrell song lyrics from before he was on the radio so much, so much! The idea that Pharrell and Miley Cyrus discuss politics on the reg — and frame their discourse in terms of butt dances and naughty girls with “Republican daddies” — is a tonic for the enervated liberal soul. If you don’t think so, you are probably crusty and old. Which is fine, but please refrain from harshing our buzz.

Then the interview veers away from politics into lines of questioning that beg Pharrell to aggrandize himself, like “Did you feel counted out in 2010, 2011?” But apart from a name-drop for a brand of sunglasses he’d worked with as a designer, Pharrell does an admirable job of not being Kanye. (To Kanye’s credit, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” was pretty great, if extreme.)

Maybe we have low standards (haha of course we do!) but we applaud any celebrity that weighs in on politics without making us cringe.

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